All in! Games (known for publishing Ghostrunner, Chernobylite, more) revealed its own internal development studio, Ironbird Creations. The studio is working on a brand new IP, Phantom Hellcat. This Devil May Cry inspired hack-n’-slash is looking set to give the recently announced Lollipop Chainsaw remake a run for it’s money.

Players take on the role of Jolene, a rebellious young woman out for adventure. When Jolene breaks a seal guarding a cursed theater, she is thrown into a battle against possessed props. The theater’s seal was holding back the darkness, and now the evil trapped within has taken Jolene’s mother hostage.

Phantom Hellcat screenshot

Phantom Hellcat’s Combat Feels Familiar

The combat in Phantom Hellcat feels like something straight out of Capcom’s greatest. Players will knock foes around the environment with style. Bring set walls crashing down and launch opponents into the band pit toward their demise. A number of abilities are available to make the most of the action: jump, dash, and slash utilising the powers sealed within mysterious character masks.

Players can strengthen Jolene’s stats and learn new abilities to build up combo scores in each scenario. Again, a system that will feel familiar to any fans of Devil May Cry.

Phantom Hellcat screenshot

Shifting Perspective

Phantom Hellcat isn’t just about mimicking the best of the genre, however. It promises a unique take by transitioning form 3D to 2D gameplay. In addition to the brutality, players will have to perform precision platforming as they move through unique theatre-inspired backdrops and sets.

Players can claim a stake in a Transylvanian bibliotheque castle, possibly full of vampires. Venture across numerous theatrical plays inspired by pop culture as you turn the surroundings and props into extra weapons. You can get a glimpse of some of the environments the game offers in the official reveal trailer below.

Phantom Hellcat Reveal Trailer

Along with the Gamescom reveal, Allin! Games offered a press release detailing the announcement. In this communiqué, Norman Lenda, Creative Director of Ironbird Creations, stated: “The team has a lot of nostalgia for the era of action games from the 2010’s and wanted to revisit it together. Lately action games have leaned more toward the ‘souls-like’ and ‘rogue-like’ subgenres and are missing the classic DNA. Phantom Hellcat will bring hack-n-slash titles back to their roots.”

Chit Hot couldn’t agree more. We’re looking forward to Ironbird Creations’ attempt to bring back classic hack-n’-slash gameplay when it Phantom Hellcat arrives on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.

Are you excited for the game? Do you feel it should have gotten more attention at Gamescom 2022? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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