Last year we discussed the most popular Pokémon around the world, with some surprising results. Now however, new data has revealed the most popular Pokémon of 2022 on a global scale. In a shock result, it was not Pikachu.

Charizard keyart

The Most Popular Pokémon of 2022

Based on search data rom Google, Bing and Yahoo, the most popular Pokémon of 2022 is none over than the original fire dragon itself, Charizard. The beast achieved 240,700 combined monthly searches on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

The second most popular Pokémon according to the research is third-generation legend Gardevoir, the evolution of Kirlia. Who, in turn, evolves from Ralts. Gardevoir amassed a total of 158,400 monthly searches across the three search engines.

In third place comes Sylveon, the fairy-type Pokémon introduced in the sixth generation. Searches for Sylveon add up to 137,300 on average per month across Google, Bing and Yahoo. Lucario was named the fourth most popular Pokémon on the list, down one place from the 2020 rankings. On average Lucario is searched 126,200 times a month across the three search engines.

The fifth most popular Pokémon on the internet is Gengar who has moved up five positions since 2020. This first-generation ghost/poison Pokémon totalled 113,500 monthly searches. Gengar has become a prevalent figure in pop culture, especially amongst the rap community who frequently reference the purple Pokémon in songs.

Greninja, Wherefore art thou?

In another big shock, the former number one Pokémon Greninja falls all the way to tenth place in the popularity rankings. The final evolution of the water-type Froakie was introduced in Pokémon X and Y in 2013. Greninja owes its popularity to its presence in anime and averages 73,100 searches per month.

A spokesperson for Solitaire Bliss, who conducted the research, said: “Over the last few decades Pokémon have become increasingly popular, despite the age of the franchise.

“Credit can definitely be given to the emergence of social platforms like TikTok that highlight their nostalgic importance amongst particular age groups.

“It may be surprising to some that Pikachu didn’t make the top ten. This character has become so synonymous with the brand, even to those who have never played the video games or watched the shows.

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