Publisher eastasiasoft is looking to kick of 2023 with a bang. Xenocider, developed by 2Dream Corporation, has been announced for release on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

In Xenocider, plyers take the role of Xara. A cyborg from a remote planet, Xara is transformed into the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. Her superhuman strength, speed and combat prowess make her a dangerous adversary in even the most extreme environments. Blast through wild, corrupted worlds to eradicate all life and take down menacing bosses to reduce entire civilizations to ash.

Xenocider screenshot

Xenocider is a third-person rail shooter inspired by arcade classics, most obviously Space Harrier. The game is presented in nostalgic 32-bit style. Players will hover into battle, jump, dodge and take aim at swarms of enemies as they try to put an end to Xara’s extermination mission. Players can also customise Xara’s abilities between stages by equipping different “Xenopods”. These will float at Xara’s side and enhance her firepower.

Xenocider originally debuted back in 2021 as a Dreamcast ROM release. After having been announced in 2015, the game was originally developed by a small team and sold via a crowdfunding campaign. Now, with a publisher attached, Xenocider is launching on a multitude of modern formats.

This updated remaster of Xenocider features low-poly graphics combined with new lighting effects and high-quality textures, promising the definitive way to experience this cult hit. Are you ready to ride the rails? Let us know in the comments below!

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