PLAYISM’s Bright Memory Infinite launched last year, turning heads with it’s one-man dev team. Now, a new update is going to change all that, as developer FYQD Studio has opened Bright Memory Infinite up to mod support.

Since launch, Bright Memory Infinite has benefitted from a number of updates and DLC packs. The game added a third-person mode to its FPS roots. New costumes for our lead character, Shelia – seemingly now renamed to ‘Sheila’, sparking debates westernisation of lost-in-translation – and, well, more costumes. Today’s new update however, adds mod support to Bright Memory Infinite. A much more impressive addition by all accounts.

Bright Memory Infinite mod support

Bright Memory Infinite Mod Support Update

Players can now replace Sheila’s model (both first-person and third-person) and her weapons with any model. Models can also be shared on the Steam Workshop for other players to download. Interested players can refer to this Steam guide on how to create your own mod and replace the in-game models.

“We have released a new update for the Steam version of Bright Memory Infinite that introduces mod support to the game, as well as improved optimizations for Perspective-assist Mode. With the newly added mod support, players can now replace Sheila, the protagonist, with any model they want,” reads the official press communications.

Sadly however, not everyone will be able to get in on the mod action. “There are no plans to add mod support to the GOG, Microsoft Store, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, or Nintendo Switch versions.”

Other updates which are available for all formats include new effects and tweaks some in-between animations for actions in Perspective-assist Mode.

Remembering a Launch

As stated above, Bright Memory Infinite launched last year. Chit Hot delivered a Bright Memory Infinite review at the time, stating: “What is here is fantastic. And yet, it’s obviously too short. Developer FYQD Studio has promised to continue to support the game and in fact has already offered DLC for the PC version. However, whether or not we’re going to get new levels, weapons, bosses or other game extending content is anyone’s guess.”

Well, now that question has been answered! And what’s more, to commemorate this update, Bright Memory Infinite is also available on sale until 29th October 29, 2023. If you haven’t played the game yet, now’s your chance!

Are you a fan of building mods? Are you excited by the prospect of mod support in Bright Memory Infinite? Let us know in the comments below!

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