Poketpait’s Palworld has taken the gaming world by storm. It seems everyone has an opinion on the overwhelming success of the game. Thankfully, most of them positive. And if you’re looking to get started in Palworld, Chit Hot has you covered with our best tips for beginners.

Pocketpair has launched Palworld as an Early Access title. This essentially means the game is not finished, and players should expect to encounter issues. Of particular note is the Palworld bug when using the Memory Reset Drug item. While Pocketpair are endeavoring to fix the issue, it’s best to avoid using the item altogether for now.

Issues aside, it’s easy to have a good time in Palworld. And if you’re just starting, here’s Chit Hot’s top tips for beginners in Palworld.

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7 Tips for Palworld Beginners

When you’re starting out in Palworld you’re given very little instruction. Surely by now you’ll know that the game revolves around building a base, catching ‘pals’ and fighting bosses. You can do this alone or while playing with friends in a shared instance. But before you begin, there’s a few key details you should take into account. Read on for the top tips for Palworld beginners!

Palworld - Foxparks

1. The Best Starter Pals in Palworld

When you begin it’s highly likely that you’ll encounter a lot of Lamballs. These fluffy little guys can be helpful, but there are better options out there. The pink cat-like Cattiva is an all-purpose base worker. These pals can help craft things, in addition to moving items, gathering crops and more. It’s a better pick for your base assistance.

If you’re looking for a fighter to accompany you however, Foxparks is a good shout. Not only does it have a nice projectile attack, but once you’ve made a little progress you can craft a Foxparks Harness. This will allow you to pick up the pal and use it as a flamethrower. Not too shabby.

Palworld Beginner Base

2. Tips for Where to Build Your Palworld Beginner Base

Building your beginner base will be one of the first tasks you’ll be assigned in Palworld. At this point, it’s wise not too venture too far from the point you entered the map. This is because when you’re beginning, you don’t want to be out in the dark as your heat level will drop rapidly.

The key points to remember when deciding where to build your first base are as follows:

  • Ensure that you have basic resources (trees, rocks etc.) nearby.
  • Ensure that you have at least one uncommon resource (Palladium, Ore etc.) nearby.
  • Do not build in an open field.

That last point; why shouldn’t you build in an open field? Well, at certain points in the game your base will be attacked. As such, it’s best to ensure that there’s limited points of entry. You want to build in a location where you can easily cover the oncoming attackers. Try and find a corner near water or cliff edges so that at least two sides of your base aren’t attackable.

Palworld keyart

3. Understand Base Worker Pal Roles

Now that you’ve got your starter Pals and begun building your base, it’s time to learn about the tasks each Pal can perform. As stated above, Lamball is pretty limited but Cattiva is more flexible. You can find out what duties each Pal can perform by selecting it from your Pal Box, and checking out the icons below it’s stats. Here, you’ll be able to determine exactly what each Pal will do if left to develop your base.

In addition to Cattiva and Lamball, early Pals such as Foxparks can help you cook or smelt. A Pengullet can water plans. Think about what you need to be happening while you’re away, and assign the necessary Pals to complete that objective.

Palworld Logging Site

4. Buildings to Craft when Beginning

As with the above importance of resources when starting out, as your progress you’ll need to increase the volume of these resources. To make your life easier, here’s a list of buildings you should unlock (through Technical Research points) and build as soon as the option becomes available:

  • Logging Site.
  • Stone Pit.
  • Berry Plantation.

You should also build Feed Boxes to distribute the berries and keep your Pals fed. And of course the Pal Box as soon as possible, though this will come naturally as you progress through the first hour-or-so of the game.

This will create a loop in which your Pals will harvest resources for you to build with, while also maintaining self-care. Be sure to build a bed for each Pal at your base, too.

Palworld screenshot

5. Catch a Ridable Pal as Soon as Possible

The game world is huge. At present, the fast travel system is from from perfect when playing on Xbox consoles. However, there is another alternative to trudging back-and-forth across the map.

Invest your Technical Research point in various Saddle Tech, once you have captured the respective Pal. This will allow you to mount them and pass across the open plains at a much quicker pace. To make sure this specific Palworld tip answers all those beginner questions, here’s a few Pals that you’ll find near the start of the game with such an ability:

  • Melpaca
  • Eikthrydeer
  • Nitewing
Palworld bug

6. How to Catch Boss Pals in Palworld

Boss Pals are definitely worth catching. As a beginner in Palworld you may find them very difficult to overcome. But catching them is even harder!

The key ingredient in a successful catch is to get their health down to about 10%. While other Pals may be able to be caught at far higher health percentages, Boss Pals are a different story. You can easily monitor your progress through their health bar displayed at the top of the screen. When ready, use your highest quality Sphere to attempt to catch them. Be warned though, you’re going to want to bring a lot of Spheres.

Steam Record for Palworld

7. The Best Way for Beginners to Gain XP in Palworld

Levelling up in Palworld is part of the process. It will not only allow you to make your character stronger, but also unlock new options for crafting. Crafting itself can grant you XP, however there are faster ways to progress. We’ve listed them below, in order of effectiveness.

  • Killing Pals.
  • Catching Pals.
  • Catching multiple Pals of the same type.

Yup, you read that right. In Palworld, you’re not looking to capture each Pal once. You’ll want to capture the same type of Pal over and over again. In fact, you want to aim for at least 10 of each type. The 10th catch will net you a massive XP boost, which can be very handy at all parts of the game.

A great way to do this is to go to find a nearby dungeon. Inside, there will be loads Pals to catch plus a mini-boss. Catching everything you find within will grant you a significant XP boost in a relatively short amount of time!

And that’s our top seven Palworld tips for beginners! Do you have any tips of your own? Be sure to leave them in the comments below!

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