After climbing through the Brentwood Sewers you’ll arrive at the Serling Hotel. You’ll have a few introductions, and then learn that one of Doctor Rueben’s recovering patients is quite unhappy. Luther is convinced that Denise stole a bag hidden under his bed. This Dead Island 2 Lending a Hand Guide will tell you everything you need to know to get the bag back, and complete this Dead Island 2 Side Quest!

On this page you can find a complete walkthrough of the Lending a Hand Side Quest in Dead Island 2. In order to begin this Side Quest, you must have begun the Blood Drive Story Quest.

Dead Island 2 Lending a Hand Guide

After arriving at the Serling Hotel on Ocean Avenue speaking with Luther. You can find him in the same hallway as Ava and Ken, through the door behind Ava.

Luther thinks that Denise snuck into his room and stole a bag from under his bed. He asks you to retrieve it. You can find Denise standing guard at the doors to the Serling Hotel lobby. She admits to stealing Luther’s bag. Apparently it stank so badly that she threw it out.

From this point on, the bag will nicely be referred to as ‘Luther’s Reeking Bag‘. Charming. Denise will have given you the Waste Disposal Keycard so you can retrieve it from the trash room. From the third floor, head all the way down the stairs to the first floor, then through the white door using the Waste Disposal Keycard. Take a right through the next door.

Dead Island 2 Lending a Hand Guide

Where to Find Luther’s Reeking Bag

The bag is in Room B, but the door is locked. To get inside, head into the trash bay across from Room B. Break the blue boards covering up the hole to the south. On the floor just inside this area you will find the Trash Poetry Journal beside a zombified corpse.

Head out of this room and across the hall to the trash room on the other side of the white van. In this next room, you can crawl onto the pallets to your left as you enter, and climb through the hole into Room B.

Kill the Spiky Walker trapped in this room, and will find Luther’s Reeking Bag within. Pick it up and unlock the door to head out.

Dead Island 2 Lending a Hand Guide

Return Luther’s Reeking Bag to Luther

Much like DD-09 from the It Came From Monarch Studios Side Quest, Luther’s Reeking Bag will attract any nearby zombies.

The door you came through is locked now, so you will need to take the exit and make your way back through the hotel’s front entrance to return to Luther. Be careful: in the mall lobby you will find both a Screamer and Crusher Apex Variant.

Defeat any zombies in your path as you make your way back up to the third floor of the Lotusville mall. You can throw Luther’s Reeking Bag over the third-floor barricade before climbing to the other side.

Make your way back to Luther in his room at the Serling Hotel, and place Luther’s Reeking Bag on the floor in front of him.

Talk with Luther to let him know you got his bag back and discover what was inside. It’s a little grim. Luther will reward you with the below bonuses.

Lending a Hand Side Quest Rewards

  • Ferocious Weapon Perk
  • Composite Sledgehammer
  • 3,000 XP

That completes this Dead Island 2 Lending a Hand Guide. If you’re stuck on other Side Quests, be sure to check out our full Dead Island 2 Guide!