It’s all in the name. You’re a chicken. You’re jumping. It’s pretty super. If by ‘super’ you mean ‘hard’. As you’ll learn in this Super Chicken Jumper review, the game is good fun. But only if you’re willing to die. A lot.

And that’s not in an Elden Ring kind of way. Though the bosses do involve you learning enemy attack patterns and reacting accordingly, it’s highly likely you’ll unlock the Trophy/Achievement for dying 50 times before you reach the first boss. Or maybe even the one for 100 deaths.

Super Chicken Jumper screenshot

To begin with, the game is a simple case of jumping at the appropriate time. Randomly generated levels through tree stumps, birds and fish at you in a random sequence. Similar to The Impossible Game, Super Chicken Jumper makes no excuses for your inability to play it well. Unlike The Impossible Game, things can heat up when two players enter simultaneously, and you throw in weapons.

The story is… odd. You’re a chicken who gets a call from the President. An enemy known as the XX has returned. They’ve been in hiding for 25 years, researching how to create monsters. You will meet several advisors on the way, each with their own pun repertoire. There’s a common thread of comedy running through Super Chicken Jumper. The President, as she’s introducing the mission to you, accidentally shows you a picture of herself scantily clad. Your contact for your first mission is Olivia, who’s portrait is accidentally replaced by an olive. These little touches continue throughout, and while they sound trite on paper they can actually bring a smile amidst all the chaos.

Super Chicken Jumper screenshot

Later levels see you floating through space, flying Flappy Bird style and more besides. However, Super Chicken Jumper never lets up the challenge. It’s undeniably a hard game. So much so, that it can get quite tiresome for a solo player. With a second player in tow however, you’ll likely waste hours repeating one level over-and-over. Until you finally nail it. Then try the next…

In addition to the story mode, there’s also challenge and endless modes. The fact that there’s a Trophy/Achievement for surviving 15 seconds in endless mode basically tells you everything you need to know about it.

From this Super Chicken Jumper review, we would hope that you’ve learned two things. It’s hard. And it’s fun. The latter, more so with a second player. If you’re looking for a simple, funny and challenging game to play with a friend for an evening there are far worse ways to spend five bucks. Just don’t go expecting to finish it in that evening.

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