Welcome to Chit Hot’s guide for Resident Evil Village. This Resident Evil Village Walkthrough Guide – The Village (Third Visit) article will tell you everything you need to know to move forward after defeating that creepy doll. After working your way through House Beneviento, and defeating Angie and Donna, it’s time to return to the titular village once again.

This guide includes information on secrets, treasures, and collectibles. Missing some Files or Goats of Warding? Read on to find your missing treasures! Get the Grenade Launcher, where to find Luiza’s Treasure and how to defeat the two mini-bosses guarding and claim the Beneviento Treasure are all included below.

Resident Evil Walkthrough Guide – The Village (Third Visit)

Upon your return to the village you’ll find that not much has changed. Now that you have the key from the Gardener’s shack you can now return to West Old Town and unlock the door. Inside, look under the sink for Handgun Ammo, and a drawer in the other room for Chem Fluid, and a crate.

Above the crate, there’s a lute hanging from the ceiling with a Yellow Quartz embedded in it. However, the main treasure here is located in a cabinet with a combination lock. There’s a paper with the model number of a violin, but that’s misdirection. Instead, look on the same table for a scrap of paper that says “I will never forget her fifth birthday”.

Head to the kitchen and look in the corner to spot a small happy birthday drawing with a date on it: 27, 09, 17. Input it into the combination lock, and you’ll find both a Steel Hraesvelgr treasure, and a chest with an F2 Rifle – High-Capacity Mag, which you can combine into your rifle.

New Treasure: Luiza’s Heirloom

Now is the time to return to the Fallow Plot, and Luiza’s house. Three winged Samcas will want to be sniped before they reach you, and another hides in the grass. The house is a wreck, but items will have been placed around the entrance. These include Luiza’s Heirloom in a small box. You can also find Handgun Ammo, Explosive Rounds, and Magnum Ammo.

On the way out, pass through the tiny shack where you first met the girl and her father, and jump through the window in the back to find a white pig you can kill for Quality Meat. You can also use the Water Wheel on the well to get three Pipe Bombs. The small path below that leads to a dead end, but there’s a few Chickens for some Poultry, and Rusted Scrap.

Inspect Luiza’s Heirloom in your menu. You can interact with the necklace to remove the Necklace Stone, which you can then sell. Inspect the remaining necklace to find Luiza’s Key hidden inside. This can be used to unlock a small chest in the room back on the Lone Path outside the Altar, which contains Cesare’s Goblet, a very valuable treasure to sell.

Resident Evil Village Varcolac screenshot

East Old Town: Varcolac Mini-Boss

With the upgraded Winged Key it’s time to head back to East Old Town. The giant Lycan with the hammer won’t be there anymore, but unfortunately a new enemy is. The werewolf beast known as the Varcolac can deal major damage quickly. You’ll need to run and gun. Focus on surprise attacks before retreating into buildings.

The fight will start as Varcolac tosses you into a building. As long as you keep some distance, you’ll find it can’t actually enter, but will swipe into the rooms you hide in. Either unload with the shotgun, or quickly climb to the roof as it loses track of you.

There’s also a dead body in the building holding Vasile’s Final Testament File. This file suggests going to the nearby watermill.

If Varcolac looses track of you, you may want to quickly drop down and run to the edge of the stream where a locked door can finally be opened with the Iron Insignia Key. Inside is the GM 79 Grenade Launcher. You should also find a nearby crate, and a Lockpick on a windowsill.

Once defeated, Varcolac will leave behind the Crystal Beast. You should still be on guard however, as two Lycans are still hiding in the large barn where the radio was located. The green slimy path along the river will take you to the next Lord, but there is one last optional treasure to hunt down.

Beneviento’s Treasure

Thought you were done with the Benevientos? Not if you’re a true completionist! This optional treasure is guarded by another mini-boss, so you’re going to want to make sure you have a lot of ammo and some health sources.

Head to the village’s graveyard above the Maiden of War statue. You’ll find a small mausoleum has opened, allowing you to pick up a Broken Slab. This is the same slab that was missing from the large Beneviento tombstone past the garden. While you’re here, you may notice a bright blue bird in a tree. Take it out to get some Juicy Game.

Head back down the path toward the Beneviento House through the garden, and be sure to kill the large black goat by the shack to get two Meat. When you reach the large tombstone, be ready. A giant wielding a massive axe will crash into the area. This large hulking enemy can deal a ton of damage with just a single swing, so you’ll want to be ready to dodge at a moment’s notice.

Resident Evil Village Giant screenshot

Giant Mini-Boss

The giant has very powerful attacks, and can also leap across the entire arena. If the giant holds his weapon behind him you’ll need to be careful. This will see the giant slowly advance upon you. If it closes the distance, it will unleash a large sweeping strike that will deal major damage. The giant will also summon a few Moroaicas from to help him during the fight.

The best tactic is to use explosives to damage all of them when they move close together, so the Moroaicas can go down while you damage the giant. The Moroaicas tend to drop lots of crafting resources, allowing you to stay in the fight longer by making more healing items or ammo.

Try to aim for the head after the giant swings or jumps, as he’ll be vulnerable. But always be ready to run at a moment’s notice. It will take a lot of firepower to bring the giant down.

Once you defeat the giant, you’ll gain a Giant Crystal Axe that sells for a huge amount. You can also now put the Broken Slab at the foot of the tombstone, which will reveal Berengario’s Chalice. This also sells for a huge amount.

That completes this Resident Evil Village Walkthrough Guide – The Village (Third Visit)! Next up, it’s time to head to the domain of the third Lord – The Reservoir of Salvatore Moreau.