Another of the three keys in Tunic, following your quest for the Red Key. The Green Key is hidden at the top of The Great Library; a skyscraper reaching far into the clouds. However, to reach The Great Library you must journey through Ruined Atoll. In this Tunic Ruined Atoll guide, you’ll first learn how to reach and progress through the Ruined Atoll. Then, we’ll cover how to get to the library and find the green key.

How to Get to the Ruined Atoll in Tunic

The Ruined Atoll is an area located South of the Overworld in Tunic. You can walk there by getting onto the Southern beaches and finding a ladder that leads up to the entrance. However, there’s actually a much faster way to reach the Ruined Atoll: fast travel. Thanks to a nice story flutter, Ruined Atoll fast travel is available before you ever step foot in the area. Simply head to the gold fast travel site in the Overworld (west of the Old House) and use the lower left fast travel point to warp to the Ruined Atoll entrance.

Tunic Ruined Atoll Guide

Tunic Ruined Atoll Guide

When you enter the Ruined Atoll there’ll be a save point ahead. Use the telescope here to get a nice view of the area, and see your overall objective. There is a statue in the centre of the Ruined Atoll that you must power by activating four Power Blocks. These are located in each corner of the Ruined Atoll.

To activate them, you must first find the Grappling Hook in the Frog Domain.

Ruined Atoll Power Block 1: Northwest

From the Ruined Atoll entrance head west and down the steps to the beach. Continue through the blades of grass in the corner of the stairwell to find a secret passage. Follow this along the coast to the west until you arrive at some rubble by a grapple point. Use your Grappling Hook and then head up the slope to the Power Block. Pray here to activate it, and then head back to the Ruined Atoll entrance.

Ruined Atoll Power Block 2: Northeast

From the entrance, head west down the steps again and make your way to the large statue in the centre of the Ruined Atoll. From there, take the path north past a treasure chest and to the east stairwell. Lift the ladder here to unlock a shortcut back to the start of the Ruined Atoll, and then head back along the beach towards the east. Once you see the stature, follow the dead power line across the water. Turn left and follow the slopes up to the Power Block at the top. Pray here to activate it, and then make your way back to the entrance again.

Ruined Atoll Power Block 3: Southwest

The third Power Block can be reached by taking the same hidden path you used for the first. When you reach the rubble where you previously used your Grappling Hook, continue along the beach and cross the wooden bridges leading south. When you cross the final bridge, head up the slopes to reach the third Power Block.

Ruined Atoll Power Block 4: Southeast

Head back down the slopes and follow the beach east to find another bridge. On the other side, you’ll see two Husher birds eating a dead Slorm. Kill these birds and open the north gate, which will open a shortcut back to the statue. Head back to the statue and go east to find some grapple points. Use your Grappling Hook to cross the water and continue south, then head East along the beach and cross the bridge ahead. You’ll find the final Power Block at the top of the ladders nearby.

After activating the final Power Block, head back to the statue and pray to make it rise up. This activates a teleporter, so head into the raised statue and stand in the middle to get warped away.

How to Get the Green Key in Tunic

When you reappear, you’ll be on a plateau above the clouds. Use your Grappling Hook to get over the broken bridge and then continue around the corner to the right. Climb the ladders and go through the door to enter The Great Library. Head down the ladders and climb the stairs on the north side, where you’ll find another set of ladders. Climb these and follow the path until you reach another large chamber.

In this chamber you’ll find a Power Block. Activate it to access the nearby fast travel and save points. Climb the ladders nearby, but be warned: ahead lies a boss fight! At the top of this tower you’ll find the Librarian. This is an incredibly tough boss fight, so make sure you have levelled up before beginning.

After defeating the Librarian, grab the Green Key from the fallen foe head back to The Great Library. Fast travel back to the Overworld and make your way to the Sealed Temple to deliver this key.

That completes this Tunic Ruined Atoll Guide! If there’s something else you’re stuck on in the game, be sure to check out our other Tunic Walkthroughs:

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