The soundtrack for 110 Industries upcoming Wanted: Dead is now available to buy now and stream. Along with the release of the Wanted: Dead soundtrack comes a unique music video. An anime-styled cover of Donna Summer’s 1983 classic, She Works Hard for the Money, from Stefanie Joosten, is just a taste of the full Wanted: Dead soundtrack.

Wanted: Dead will hit PC, Xbox and PlayStation formats on Valentine’s Day 2023. The game promises to deliver viscous combat, stylish John Wick-esque finishing manouevers and an eccentric cast of colourful characters. 

Wanted: Dead screenshot

Developed by Japanese studio Soleil, Wanted: Dead features some of the talent responsible for creating Ninja Gaiden. Use a blend of melee sword combat, gunplay and a cartoonishly-violent limb severing as you cut through your enemies. Wanted: Dead challenges players to learn how to use combos, parries and other tools to full effect. The reward will be aesthetically pleasing bouts of blood and violence and the sense of satisfaction that comes with becoming a flawless fighting machine.

Wanted: Dead Soundtrack

To marry with the colourful visual design, the Wanted: Dead soundtrack is filled to the brim with recognisable ’80s pop hits. In addition to She Works Hard for the Money, the soundtrack also includes covers of Maniac and I Touch Myself, as well as a host of original tracks. The anime music video can be seen below.

Wanted: Dead is available to pre-order now. Players who pre-order the digital PlayStation version will be able to play the game 72 hours early. Additionally, fans can pre-order a $79.99 / £74.99 / €79.99 PlayStation or Xbox physical Collector’s Edition on Amazon. This contains a 116-page hardcover Design Works artbook in landscape format, a steelbook case, the official soundtrack CD with 20 tracks, a Zombie Unit magnet  a set of 3 postcards and a Collector´s Edition box, housing all the exclusive contents, plus the physical game.

Have you pre-ordered Wanted: Dead? Are you excited for a Valentine’s Day hack-and-slash-athon? Let us know in the comments below!

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