If you’ve got a PlayStation 5 (PS5) and want to upgrade the console, the best way is by adding a new SSD (solid-state drive). There have been a few deals over the past few months but if you missed them fret not, Amazon sales are here to help. 

There is currently a range of PlayStation 5-compatible SSDs from brands such as Corsair, WD and Seagate. Offering 1-2TB capacities, most come with heatsinks whilst a few do without.  

Get a PlayStation 5

PS5 SSD with Heatsink 

PS5 SSD without Heatsink

That’s your lot on the SSD front. In other PS5 news, Sony held its annual CES press conference, with SIE head Jim Ryan revealing that the console shortages should now be coming to an end. A quick check on sites like Stock Informer shows that this seems to be the case, with most stores showing availability.

Then there’s the upcoming peripheral PlayStation VR 2 (PSVR 2), which is due for release on 22nd February. Retailing for £529.99, the PSVR 2 boasts a range of new features including 4K resolution, facial haptics, eye tracking and much more. Teamed with a new SSD that’s quite the gaming setup for 2023.

What’s your new PS5 upgrade? Let us know in the comments below.

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