110 Industries has this morning delivered a new video for Wanted: Dead. This time, taking an in-depth look into the game’s slick and stylish combat mechanics. The Wanted: Dead Combat Explained video (below) will tell you everything you need to know ahead of some high-octane action this February.

Developed by Japanese studio Soleil, Wanted: Dead invites players to experience some nail-bitingly close encounters. Use your gaming skills to juggle between slashing sword combat and thrilling gunplay in order to survive the onslaught of enemies thrown in their path. Inspired by the mechanically rich combat systems of the Ninja Gaiden series, Wanted: Dead is not for the faint of heart.

Wanted: Dead Combat Explained

In Wanted: Dead, the player is equipped with a powerful ranged weapon. However, solely relying on the rifle won’t get you very far. Ammo and secondary weapons dropped by enemies, like assault rifles, SMGs, LMGs and grenade launchers, will come in handy for when the fights intensify. Choose wisely though, as picking the right weapon mix in an encounter could mean the difference between life and death.

One way to survive in Wanted: Dead is to stay on the move by combining run and gun mechanics, melee combat, slide attacks, grenade tossing and takedowns to overcome your enemies in a sleek seamless style. Wanted: Dead requires mastery and will not go easy on the player, so blocking and countering enemy attacks are essential skills that will allow the player to progress. 

Wanted: Dead offers the player crazy cutthroat combat combinations to take down enemies, that much is obvious. But also, unlockable skills are also a key feature. A skill tree is divided into three categories (offense, defense and utility). With no right or wrong way to spend these points, players ultimately have the choice of how they tailor their Wanted: Dead experience. While some players may like to rely on support from their team, others prefer defensive strategies during combat and some might even want to go on a total rampage and charge headfirst into the action.

Wanted: Dead Combat Explained Video

“We can’t wait for players to experience the insane combat mechanics in Wanted: Dead on Valentine’s Day,” said  Sergei Kolobashkin, founder and Creative Director at 110 Industries. “The Wanted: Dead Explained videos will allow players to get a real taste of the action and see what they can expect from the game, so keep your eyes open for the next one!”.

Wanted: Dead is available to preorder now and is coming to PlayStation 5, PlayStation4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S & PC on 14th February, Valentine’s Day 2023. Are you ready for some high octane action (and maybe a little romance)? Let us know in the comments below!

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