Josyan Team’s UnderDungeon is launching on a host of formats today. For those who haven’t heard, the game is a love letter to retro-Zelda titles, presented in black-and-white on modern hardware. The game is launching on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PlayStation formats.

Playing as a cute cat, Kimuto, you’ll face the harsh world of work on your first day of a new job. You’re a delivery guy. Sounds easy? Nothing more wrong! Standing between you and your packages is a whole bunch of monsters to defeat, and secrets to discover. But along the way, you will meet allies and engage in a great adventure.

UnderDungeon is a mix of classic RPG games with mechanics and levels from other genres. You’ll traverse the dungeons, fight enemies, acquire new, powerful items and solve puzzles.

UnderDungeon GIF

The game is made by Josyan Team, previously involved in working on games like Tamiku, Zerotopian Invasion and Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX. UnderDungeon is a project that pays tribute to the classics of games of its genre, like The Legend of Zelda, Gauntlet and the classic Dragon Quest games.

The game grabs your attention with simple yet polished 1-bit visuals. The developers have made the graphics clear and full of small details. The whole adventure is complemented by a refined sound design with rhythmic, catchy music and luscious sound effects.

UnderDungeon Launch Details

UnderDungeon launches today across all modern formats. The game is published by Red.Deer Games, who in recent years have published titles such as Fluffy Horde, Bit Orchard, She Wants Me Dead, Broken Universe, Pro Gymnast SimulatorLeague of Enthusiastic Losers and EleMetals: Death Metal Death Match

You can watch the launch trailer for UnderDungeon below. Let us know in the comments if you’re ready to get your retro-adventure on with Kimuto this weekend!

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