Funko Pops have become a cultural phenomenon ever since they were introduced over 10 years ago. No matter what the franchise or character, there seems to be an affiliated model, with shops lining their walls with these little collectables. And every year a new collection arises, adorning popular characters with new designs or replicating the latest hit show. 

Best Funko Pop Models of 2023 

Are you looking for the latest weird and wonderful oddities in the Funko range? Or how about a model for a new TV show you’ve started watching? There’s probably a model for that! Keep on reading to find out more about the latest collectables. 

Best Funko Pop Wizard of Oz

Movie Poster: WB 100 – Wizard of Oz, Dorothy & Toto 

Let’s start off with a classic franchise, the Wizard of Oz. A rather special edition considering it’s not just a single model, but a whole diorama. Alongside Dorothy and her lovable pooch Toto there’s the movie poster to give this set some vintage charm.

Release Date: April 2023

Funko Pop Gilligans Island

Gilligan’s Island Collection

A beloved TV show from the 1960s, Gilligan’s Island gets the Funko Pop treatment. There’s a total of seven characters arriving this year, including Skipper (see image above), Gilligan himself, Mary-Ann and The Professor.

Release Date: March 2023

Funko Pop D&D

Dungeons & Dragons Collection 

Dungeons & Dragons is more popular than ever, whether you love the role-playing game or looking forward to the upcoming movie. And what every popular franchise needs is a few Funko Pop models, six in fact. There are some detailed-looking designs, with Xenk, in particular, a standout piece.

Release Date: April 2023

Best Funko Pop Adam Warlock

Guardians of the Galaxy 3 – Adam Warlock 

There seems to be no stopping Guardians of the Galaxy at the moment, with vol.3 set to cap off the franchise later this year. And that means brand-new models for avid collectors to pick up. All your favourite characters are there including Groot and Star-Lord. The most striking look, however, goes to the golden Adam Warlock.

Release Date: February 2023

Funko Pop Circus Freddy

Five Nights At Freddy’s SB- Circus Freddy 

Who doesn’t love a good scare every now and then? Well, if you’ve got the Five Nights at Freddy’s collection looking back at you from a shelf then that could well happen.

Release Date: March 2023

Funko Pop Demon Slayer Kyojuro

Demon Slayer – Rengoku 

From the animated Demon Slayer series comes the firey Kyojuro Rengoku. He’s the latest in a long line of characters immortalised as miniature models.

Release Date: November 2023

Funko Pop Brandalised

Brandalised – “Flying Balloon Girl” 

Lastly, this rather unusual specimen is likely to sell fast. Unlike most other Funko Pop models, this figure stands 9.5 cm tall and comes supplied in a window display box. If the “Flying Balloon Girl” looks familiar that’s because she’d a Banksy design, hence why this is a true collector’s item.

Release Date: May 2023

That’s our picks for the best Funko Pops of 2023! Is your favourite included, or are there any we missed? Let us know in the comments section below!

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