The Nintendo 64 classic, gamers on Xbox Game PassNintendo Switch Online or owners of Rare Replay can now jump back into the action. However, for those who can’t remember how to tackle the many objectives of the single-player missions, we’ve prepared a GoldenEye 007 Walkthrough Guide: Frigate! This article will cover everything you need to know to complete the seventh level, Frigate, on Agent, Secret Agent and 00 Agent difficulties.

Frigate is a hostage situation. The hostages are the guys dressed in green. If you’re going to rescue these guys, you have to learn to aim for the heads of the guys holding them at gun point. If you wait too long you’ll lose that hostage. On Agent difficulty, two hostages have to escape, four on Secret Agent, and five on 00 Agent. There are a total of seven hostages being held captive.

Primary Objectives:

A: Rescue hostages
B: Disarm bridge bomb (Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
C: Disarm engine room bomb (Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
D: Plant tracking bug on helicopter

GoldenEye 007 Walkthrough Guide: Frigate

You begin the mission in a speedboat. Head on deck, being sure to remain stealthy. Up the left set of stairs, heading inside and following the lest wall. There is a Janus Marine ahead, and you’ll be wanting headshots here. Grab his Phantom and the ammo inside.

Open the door on the right, but don’t enter the room. Instead, headshot the Janus Marines next to hostage.

Agents and Secret Agents should skip this step as there’s easier hostages to save. Walk carefully into the room and look to right. Through the doorway is another hostage. Sidestep to your left until you see the elbow of the soldier. He’ll call for reinforcements when taken out, and once dispatched you will receive a message saying the hostage was rescued, if all went well.

Run out the other door and back on to the deck of the Frigate. Follow the edge, until you see the helicopter. Throw the tracking bug on it (Objective D: Completed).

Behind you will be a large door. Open it, and go through the smaller door. There’ll be three guards here, but they have their backs to you. Open the next door to find another with his back to you. Take him out and prepare for the other guards to begin firing on you.

Go up to the staircase and look to your left, you should see some pipes. If you look through them you’ll see some guards. You should be able to get an easy headshot on one of the guards and the other will go down with a few hits to the chest. Once those guards have been dealt with, look down the stairs. Shoot the guard and some other marines will start firing at you. Once dealt with, head down the stairs.

Go through the door right in front of you to get to the engine room. There is a guard standing on a walkway right in front of you.

Secret Agent and 00 Agent difficulty players need to defuse the Plastique on top of the computers (Objective C: Completed). After this, refer to the Secret Agent and 00 Agent entry below!

If you’re playing on Agent however, walk down the stairs. There’s a Janus Marine with a hostage here. Once you headshot him a few more soldiers will come your way. Once this hostage is free, you’ll be all set for hostages if no hostages were executed. Go back up the engine room stairs, through the door, up more stairs, through the door you came in through, through another door and on to the deck.

Head around the deck, in through the door and out again back to your speedboat. Hold here until “Objective A: Complete” appears. Jump into your speedboat to complete the level.

GoldenEye 007 Walkthrough Guide: Frigate

GoldenEye 007 Walkthrough Guide: Frigate – Secret Agent, 00 Agent

After defusing the bomb in the engine room, head up the stairs and go through the next door. Move ahead past the next door. Another hostage and another headshot. There’s another guy in this room, so be careful not to kill the hostage.

Walk past where the hostage was and around a few bends. Another hostage is ahead. The guard will have his back to you, which makes this one considerably easier! Head back the way you came to the engine room door. This time, take a left, and walk up the flight of stairs. There are usually a few scattered guards around here.

Take a left at the top of the stairs and go up another set of stairs. Take a right and head outside.

Go up the next set of stairs and onto the bridge. There’s another hostage here, and a lot of guards in this room. Once all have been eliminated, walk up to the bomb and use the Bomb Defuser (Objective D: Completed).

To get back to your boat run out the door on the other side of the room. Then, just run outside and wait for any straggling hostages to escape (Objective A: Completed), and jump into your speedboat.

That completes this GoldenEye 007 walkthrough guide: Frigate! If you’re struggling with other levels in the game, be sure to check out our guides below:

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