Idoneth Deepkin are a strange faction. Part of the good-ish Grand Alliance known as ‘Order’, they’re an army that mixes magic with flying sharks. Nothing if not interesting. With that in mind, it’s highly likely that many Warhammer: Age of Sigmar players are keen to see what the faction has to offer. So here’s a beginner’s guide for how to build an Idoneth Deepkin army list!

Getting Started with an Idoneth Deepkin Army

The best place to begin with a new Idoneth Deepkin army is the Vanguard: Idoneth Deepkin set. This new boxed set priced at £80 GBP through Games Workshop, however the link above will take you to Element Games where you can purchase it for just £68!

Vanguard: Idoneth Deepkin

The Vanguard: Idoneth Deepkin box comes with 15 models. The total in-game points comes to 640; a little shy of the recommended 1,000 points for a beginner’s army. We’ll go into what comes next below, but first, here’s the contents of the box:

Vanguard: Idoneth Deepkin Contents:

  • 10x Namarti Thralls (130 points)
  • 3x Akhelian Guard (195 points)
  • 1x Akhelian Allopex (165 points)
  • 1x Isharran Soulscryer (150 points)

That’s a good start. However, as stated above, we want a full 1,000 point army suitable for beginners. So below you’ll find a few recommended additions for those extra points!

Idoneth Deepkin Isharann Soulscryer

Isharann Soulscryer

Allowing for a tactical deployment, keep the Isharann Soulscryer off the board. He can be accompanied by the Reavers, the Allopex or even both. This will allow you an advantage for bringing the unit(s) onto the table in an unexpected position. Perhaps even reaching for an activated objective with little resistance.

Idoneth Deepkin Isharann Tidecaster

Isharann Tidecaster

The Isharann Tidecaster is a wizard with one cast and one unbind per turn. However, it’s unique spell, Riptide, is worth the investment. A casting value of 7 and a range of 18″ does D3 damage. So far, so Arcane Bolt. However, here successful casting also adds a -1 to hit rolls for that unit until your next Hero Phase.

Idoneth Deepkin Namarti Reavers

Namarti Reavers

Adding to your Battleline with some archers is never a bad idea, and the Namarti Reavers are a strong option. Two attacked each on 3+, 3+, -1 Rend, and a +1 to hit if the enemy unit is within 9″. Expect your Namarti Reavers to be screen killers, while your damage dealers lie elsewhere…

Idoneth Deepkin Akhelian Morrsarr Guard

Akhelian Morrsarr Guard

Penetrate the ranks with your Namarti Reavers, then charge in your Akhelian Morrsarr Guard from the back to bring the smackdown. Their Voltspears have 2 attacks, 3+, 3+ by standard. However, on the charge you can add -2 Rend and 2 Damage. That’s a high chance of breaking down a strong unit.

Idoneth Deepkin Army List for Beginners

Allegiance: Idoneth Deepkin
– Enclave: Dhom-Hain
– Grand Strategy: The Creeping Gloomtide
Isharann Soulscryer (150)*
 Artefact: Dritchleech
 Universal Prayer Scripture: Curse
Isharann Tidecaster (150)*
 Command Trait: Teachings of the Turscoll
 Lore of the Deeps: Counter-current

10 x Namarti Thralls (130)*
10 x Namarti Reavers (170)*

1 x Akhelian Allopex (165)*
 Razorshell Harpoon
3 x Akhelian Morrsarr Guard (195)*

Core Battalions
*Battle Regiment

Total: 960 / 1000
Reinforced Units: 0 / 2
Allies: 0 / 200
Wounds: 50
Drops: 1

So, what this all comes down to is five purchases. The Vanguard: Idoneth Deepkin box, Isharann Soulscryer, Isharann Tidecaster, Namarti Reavers and Akhelian Morrsarr Guard. That’s all you need to build an Idoneth Deepkin army ready for 1,000 point battles!

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