Late last year, Games Workshop released a new Disciples of Tzeentch Battletome. Following the popularity of our beginner’s guide for how to build a Slaves to Darkness army, Chit Hot has dug deep and prepared guide for a cost-effective beginners Tzeentch army! Warhammer: Age of Sigmar is all about holding the line – what’s better than having a screaming blue and pink army to conquer the realms with?

Getting Started with a Tzeentch Army

For this guide on how to build a Tzeentch Army, we’ll start right at the beginning. The best place to begin with a new Tzeentch army is the new Vanguard: Disciples of Tzeentch set. This new boxed set priced at £80 GBP through Games Workshop, however the link above will take you to Element Games where you can purchase it for just £68!

Vanguard: Disciples of Tzeentch

The Vanguard: Disciples of Tzeentch box comes with a whopping 27 models. The total in-game points comes to 730; a little shy of the recommended 1,000 points for a beginner’s army. We’ll go into what comes next below, but first, here’s the contents of the box:

Vanguard: Disciples of Tzeentch Contents:

  • 1x Magister on Disc of Tzeentch (145 points)
  • 3x Screamers of Tzeentch (100 points)
  • 3x Flamers of Tzeentch (190 points)
  • 10x Tzaangors (175 points)
  • 10x Kairic Acolytes (120 points)
Magister on Disc of Tzeentch

Magister on Disc of Tzeentch (145 Points)

The Disciples of Tzeentch army are keen on magic, so why not take a powerful wizard as your general? By default, the Magister on Disc of Tzeentch is a single-cast wizard. However, he has the ability to cast a second spell with a minor risk that he’ll end up turning into a Chaos Spawn! A nice swingy opportunity if you’re feeling brave.

The Magister on Disc of Tzeentch is also fast, with a 16″ move. This means he can get in close when needed and move out of harm’s way after dealing his damage. Giving him the Arch Sorcerer command ability will give it access to two additional spells, for a total of four options:

  • Bolt of Tzeentch will cause D6 mortals on a unit,
  • Arcane Suggestion will debuff enemy units, making them easier to wound or landing their attacks harder,
  • Shield of Fate can give a unit a Ward,
  • Infusion Arcanum will give buffs to its own attacks in combat.

That’s a good start. However, as stated above, we want a full 1,000 point army suitable for beginners. So below you’ll find a few recommended additions for those extra points!


Fluxmaster: Herald of Tzeentch

The Fluxmaster: Herald of Tzeentch is another powerful magical being. His own Arcane Tome ability allows you to re-roll a casting roll once per battle, and it also adds you to add 3 to that casting roll when you do so. It comes with Blue Fire of Tzeentch as standard.

With Blue Fire of Tzeentch, you can roll nine dice for an enemy unit within range. For each 5+ roll that unit suffers 1 mortal wound and your force gains 1 Fate point. 

Endless Spells: Disciples of Tzeentch

Endless Spells: Disciples of Tzeentch

As stated above, your Tzeentch army should be very magic heavy. As such, you should aim to include two Endless Spells in this list.

  • Burning Sigil of Tzeentch. This spell cause D3 mortal wounds to enemy units within 9″. If successful, then you also get to place a Chaos Spawn model within each unit that suffered a casualty from this spell. This is great for disrupting enemy movement plans. They will die quickly, but can easily delay an imminent threat.
  • Tome of Eyes. When summoned, this Endless Spell will follow the caster and allow them to re-roll their casting rolls. It also gives the caster access to yet another spell, The Parchment Curse, which allows you to cause D3 mortal wounds to an enemy unit within 18″ of the caster on 3+. For each model slain by this they have to subtract 1 from their Bravery for the rest of the game. Not bad!

Disciples of Tzeentch Army List for Beginners

So, what this all comes down to is four purchases. The Vanguard: Disciples of Tzeentch box, the Fluxmaster: Hearld of Tzeentch, the Endless Spells: Disciples of Tzeentch and the Chaos Spawn set. All of this can be purchased for under £140 at Element Games. Certainly not a bad price to pay for a complete Disciples of Tzeentch army for beginners! Here’s the full list of how it shakes out:

Army Faction: Disciples of Tzeentch
– Subfaction: Hosts Arcanum
– Grand Strategy: Master of Destiny

Magister on Disc of Tzeentch (145)*
– General
– Command Trait: Arch Sorcerer
– Artefact: Spiteful Shield
– Spells:
Arcane Suggestion
Bolt of Tzeentch
Infusion Arcanum
Shield of Fate
Fluxmaster (170)*
– Spells:
Blue Fire of Tzeentch
Unchecked Mutation

10x Tzaangors (175)*
10x Kairic Acolytes (120)*
3x Screamers of Tzeentch (100)*

3x Flamers of Tzeentch (190)*

1x Burning Sigil of Tzeentch (50)
1x Tome of Eyes (40)

*Battle Regiment

TOTAL POINTS: 990/1000

So there we have it! Everything you need to get started with your brand new Disciples of Tzeentch army, all in a handy how to build a Tzeentch Army guide! What do you think about the selections made? Are there other armies you’d like to see covered? Perhaps the upcoming Beasts of Chaos retooling? Let us know in the comments below!

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