Later this year will see the return of Ezra Miller as The Flash, and if the latest trailer is anything to go by, it’ll be the summer blockbuster movie. This past weekend saw the 57th Super Bowl take place and as per usual, the half-time show was just as exciting as the main event. As part of the show, DC Studios dropped a brand new trailer for The Flash, seeing Ben Affleck return to the role of Batman. But the big surprise was another actor stepping into his original rubber suit.

Yes, that’s right, Michael Keaton is back! In this time-spanning tale, Barry Allen not only alters time so that he teams up with himself, but he also encounters more than one Batman. Keaton played the first movie adaption of Batman in Tim Burton’s 1989 masterpiece – as well as the sequel Batman Returns. Fans have always longed for his return and that’s now confirmed. How much of a role Keaton has in the film remains to be seen, however, his involvement is a welcome one.

The Flash Trailer - Michael Keaton

The Flash returns

The trailer is as action-packed as you’d expect to see from DC Studios, with Supergirl also making an appearance. In this year’s The Flash, Allen travels back in time, thus preventing the tragedy that kills his mother. Unfortunately, this act also changes the entire history of the DC Extended Universe. In this new reality he meets himself in both younger and older forms, eventually partnering up to take on the villain. There’s a scene where both Barry’s get hit by lightning, seemingly recreating the Speed Force incident so they both have the same power.

In any case, another small highlight is the ring scene emulating the comics. The ring is where Allen keeps his suit, if you didn’t know.

With the timeline, all screwed up, General Zod and his Kryptonian army from Man of Steel attack Earth. Only this time there’s no Superman. In fact, there are no metahumans to defend the planet. And so both Flash’s, two Batmen, and Supergirl are the ones to save the day. And presumably, resetting the time?

The Flash is out in cinemas on 16th June 2023.

It’s great to see the classic Batman actor back in his old shoes. Keaton has continually been asked for his thoughts regarding the series – in 2022 he talks about the Batgirl axing. Are you looking forward to The Flash? Let us know in the comments below.

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