I paid off my last mortgage today!

After 78 days working, my house in DREAMLAND changed from a tent without anything to the biggest house in Animal Crossing: New Horizons with six half-furniture rooms, which are living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, reading room and basement.

Although it is not a dream house so far as it still needs more decorations, I am not in debt anymore!

How amazing it would be if it happened in my real life…

Animal Crossing Ding 0706 1

The whole mortgage costs:


Do you think it is similar to real life?

We work hard (e.g. catch bugs, tarantula, fishing, invest turnip etc.); pay for the mortgage; upgrade our houses’ size; decorate them from the basic function to the customized design… Normally we call it a ‘high-quality life’.

Anyway, the Turnip selling is the biggest deal today.

Actually, I had enough money to pay for the mortgage last week, but I missed purchasing Turnips the Sunday before last, which caused to miss the high price (400) last week. Also, as it was close to the end of May, I was wondering how much interest the bank would give me. But… the fact is the interest is very low (my 2 million saving just got 1000 interest back), which means not better than catching a butterfly. 

Meanwhile, I had a very successful investment history in Turnips a few weeks ago, which I bought at 100 and sold over 500. So, I spent massive amounts in purchasing Turnips – nearly 1 million bells!

I am really looking forward ro the second chance to make me richer!

See, these are just some of them!

Animal Crossing Ding 0706 2

Unfortunately, the price has been fluctuating around 100 this week, even dropped down to 49 on Saturday morning. At that time, my Angel friend, Weiwei, saved me again, as the price in his island was 130.

I flew to his island (Mojito) directly and sold all of my Turnips. Though I didn’t earn massive money, I still have nearly 50% profit and earn the extra Nook Miles.

Good investment!

Animal Crossing Ding 0706 3

In addition to paying off the loan, I also caught a couple of new fish today.

One is Coelacanth, which often appears in the rainy day. It sells for 15,000 Bells.

Animal Crossing Ding 0706 4

Another is Tilapia, which is only in the river. This is a new species starts from June and ends in October. But the price is not high, just 800 Bells. I think it will be common as the Sea Bass. 

Animal Crossing Ding 0706 5

Now for my ordinary daily work…

Today’s outfit:

My Hotdog Costume. I really miss barbecues under the sunshine, in the real life. 

Animal Crossing Ding 0706  6

Today’s furniture:

Baby Panda and Fortune-Telling Set (I already had them).

Also, two clothes and a hat from my nice neighbours.

Animal Crossing Ding 0706 7

Tomorrow is Zell’s birthday, who is a nice girl in DREAMLAND. I sent gift and card to her. I am expecting what (gift) she will send me back?

Animal Crossing Ding 0706 8

Today’s “silly” thinking:

  • Everyone has the different goals in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, so everyone can get different experience from it. Such as, someone likes to remodel the island, someone enjoys talking with neighbours to get new information or gifts, someone fancies decorating their house… But me, for a long time I was more focus on how to make more money to pay for the biggest house in Animal Crossing: New Horizons as soon as possible.  That is why I spent a lot of time in keeping doing simple and boring things. But now, as a no debt person (so proud of myself!), I will be more focus on exploring new stuff and making DREAMLAND nicer!

I will share more new things in my future diary updates.

  • I need more friends to check the turnip price!