If you didn’t know already by now there’s a Resident Evil 4 remake coming later this month. Featuring plenty of improvements including new visuals and controls, the game will again prove that remaking older titles does work – much like Dead Space. But don’t take our word for it, Capcom released a free Resi 4 chainsaw demo just over a week ago for most platforms. However, the Resident Evil 4 PC demo has already been extensively modded with some fun new additions.

The PC community love to mod games, even if it’s purely a demo. Within days the first had appeared and now a week later, there are over 50 on the Nexus Mods website.

Some are fun, some subtle. Others are drastic and some are plain silly. Either way, if you’re playing the Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Demo on PC there’s a lot more fun to be had if you want to.

Resident Evil PC Demo - Shrek

A Resi 4 mod for everyone

On an initial glance through the roster of mods, you’ve got the Shrek mod created by Ivan, which replaces Salvador with Shrek. Or equally daft is the Martin Sandwich – Chicken Mask by Supreme Leader.

How about Leon in a thong? Or turning Leon’s head into a giant baby’s head, care of JTeghius Kittius? Who doesn’t love running around a Resident Evil game looking like a giant baby?

Maybe, you want to change Leon’s entire look into someone more famous? Let’s go with Crazy Potato’s Keanu Reeves mod. And for those Star Wars fans out there, you can always be Mark Hamill thanks to Darkus9303,

Resident Evil PC Demo - Keanu Reeves

Then again, you might want to change Leon into a woman instead. Ahri s lover has created the Ahri KDA Popstar mod, whilst Wheezer123 went down a more generic Female Leon mod route. For those animal lovers out there, you can always change him into a panda.

Away from modding Leon, you could always tweak the gameplay with the No aiming zoom, add a John Wick mode, remove the kill limit and time limit during the village fight, and swap Leon’s handgun with a SIG P226R Elite.

And there you go. Which mods will you be adding to Resident Evil 4? Let us know in the comments below.

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