Wired Productions and developer Tomas Sala recently announced the newest instalment in the The Falconeer franchise. Now, city builder Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles has received an ‘ever evolving’ demo.

Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles is a city builder focusing on the joy of freeform creation. Players will build, defend and expand fortified settlements in the harsh landscapes of the Ursee. As you explore the unforgiving environment, you must manage the flow of resources. There is no scrollable view of a single map. Instead, there is an explorable 3D world in which you can build on any rock, cliff and mountain you can find. Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles requires a novel approach to building. It’s not simply clicking over a screen, but focusing on the world itself.

Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles Live Demo

Instead of a traditional demo or beta, Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles is getting a unique taster. A demo version, available to download now, is cited as being part of an ‘open development’ strategy. This menas that demo updates will be created based on player feedback. This will help Sala craft his vision, with the game on show and playable much earlier than traditional campaigns.

“Putting out a new demo or game is always as anxious as it is exciting. I’ve put in a lot of effort to take in all the feedback and improvements suggested by players already,” said Sala. “This new demo then is an evolving demo, as I’m aiming to continue that process. It will be updated as I continue development and serve as both a showcase and opportunity for players to be heard, I hope everyone enjoys what it has to offer.”

The game is currently in development for PC. Despite The Falconeer proving exceptionally popular amongst console players, no plans for a console edition of Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles have yet been revealed. Nor has a release date for the PC edition. Instead, you can jump in right now with this demo.

Are you excited for more from Sala? Have you tried playing the original game with it’s The Falconeer VR Update? Let is know your thoughts in the comments below!

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