Aviary Studios has announced the official release date for The Gallery, a new FMV/live action game and interactive film hybrid. Currently in development for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, iOS and Android platforms. The project will also see a release in UK cinemas as an immersive interactive experience.

Written and directed by Paul Raschid, The Gallery is a combination of hostage thriller and social drama. The poster, released today, has been created to engage both gamers and interactive film fans. The poster features a blend of powerful images depicting the games’ two time periods: 1981 and 2021. Both of which are of considerable political, social and cultural significance in UK history. 

There are currently no further details on how The Gallery FMV/live action game will play at home. However, the film will see the audience construct the narrative by using glow sticks to vote for the protagonist’s next move at various decision points.

A trailer for the cinematic experience can be seen below. No images from the home version of the game have yet been made available.

The Gallery has been developed using Stornaway.io. This platform lets game and film creatives plan, edit and publish interactive films and games as part of a regular production workflow. Allowing the creative focus on the storytelling and putting all the budget on screen, not the tech. At its heart is a simple web application which lets you plan, produce and publish interactive video stories for games and films.

The Gallery will launch this April for PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PlayStation consoles, iOS and Android platforms and a UK interactive cinema release.

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