The #Clickbait mission appears early on in Dead Island 2. And this Dead Island 2 #Clickbait Guide will not only tell you where, but also how to complete it! Make sure you’ve already visited the Halprin Hotel and completed the Story Quests there, then keep an eye out on your return to Bel-Air.

Dead Island 2 #Clickbait Guide

As night falls, you should head to the house known as the GOAT Pen. Here, you’ll find Amanda Styles. She’s the last survivor, and is hiding up on the roof.

Talk to Amanda and you’ll begin the mission. Amanda wants some footage of zombies being blown away. Stylish footage, of course. There’ll be several different instructions offered, but there’s no time limit (or zombie limit!) within which to complete them.

Dead Island 2 GOAT Pen map

Head to the DJ Decks

To begin the mission true, you have to attract some zombies. Head over to the DJ Decks on the patio and interact with them to begin the music playing. From thereon, you’ll receive a series of requests for killing zombies in specific ways:

  1. Knock six zombies off the roof.
  2. Maim 12 zombies.
  3. Burn six zombies.
  4. Kill all remaining zombies.

How to Complete #Clickbait

Seems pretty simple, no? If you’re struggling with maiming the zombies, change to a sharp weapon and aim for the limbs. For the burning, you’ll want the ignite effect to be active when the zombies die. On the far side of the patio from Amanda is a huge oil spill and plenty of ways to ignite it.

You will find that Crusher zombies begin to appear towards the end of the mission. Just be sure to block their incoming attacks and try to lure them towards the fire, if you can.

Talk with Amanda Styles

Once all the stages have been completed, return to Amanda. You’ll find she’s ecstatic with your performance. You’ll convince her to head back to Emma Jaunt’s mansion and complete the #Clickbait Side Quest.

Clickbait Side Quest Rewards

  • Wrecking Ball Survivor Card
  • 1,500 XP

That completes this Dead Island 2 #Clickbait Guide. If you’re stuck on other Side Quests, be sure to check out our full Dead Island 2 Guide!