Thought you were done with Monarch Studio? Think again. Sarah Sheppard still needs your help. She needs to clear more zombies from the sound stages so she can get some much needed supplies. On this page of Chit Hot’s Dead Island 2 Side Quest Guide, you can find a complete walkthrough for The Terror of Sound Stage 7 Side Quest in Dead Island 2.

How to Begin The Terror of Sound Stage 7 Side Quest

In order to access The Terror of Sound Stage 7 Side Quest, you must have completed the It Came From Monarch Studios Side Quest and started The Search for Truth Story Quest. Return to Beverly Hills to pick up this new side quest. Head to Rikky’s House and you will hear Sarah‘s voice over the radio.

After interacting with the radio in Rikky’s House in Beverely Hills, use the Fast Travel map to head over to Monarch Studios.

Talk Sarah Outside Sound Stage 4

You can find Sarah in her trailer on the north side of Sound Stage 4. She needs some contracts, for some reason. Unsurprisingly, they’re located at Sound Stage 7. She sets you about the task of clearing out Sound Stage 7, which includes many zombies and Apex Variants.

Dead Island 2 The Terror of Sound Stage 7 Guide

Eliminate all Zombies in Sound Stage 7

Head to Sound Stage 7 and enter via the Stardom Way entrance. Clear out the zombies on the ruins set, including some Burning Walkers, Burning Runners, and Swarm Walkers. Once the ruins set is cleared, leave through the big door to enter the city set.

However, before eliminating all the zombies here, you need to investigate each of the bodies left behind. The first corpse is in the middle of the street, straight across from the temple door you enter through. Climb up onto the catwalks behind the city buildings on the north side of the set, and you will find the second body. Jump down from the catwalks on the west side and find the third body.

The Terror of Sound Stage 7 Lurks Here

This location is a hotspot for Butchers. However, no Butchers seem to be around right now. Kill all the zombies on the city set, then head out the south exit. Lure all the zombies back into the city set and dispose of them. Throw a Meatbait Curveball onto the ground to group them all together. You need to kill five zombies in total.

There’s one more job to do: use the SFX control panels on the city set to turn on some rain, lights, and other FX.

Take down the Terror of Sound Stage 7!

And now, the Butcher will enter! Take down the Terror of Stage 7 and the wave of zombies that invade the set. Once reset, you can use the rain FX and lights FX to electrify them, making the task much easier.

Return to Sarah

With the Butcher downed, it’s time to return to Sarah in her trailer near Sound Stage 4. Sarah chooses to find her own way out of Monarch Studios, but first gives you a well-earned reward.

The Terror of Sound Stage 7 Side Quest Rewards

  • Jade Dragon Sword
  • 3,000 XP

That completes this Dead Island 2 The Terror of Sound Stage 7 Guide. If you’re stuck on other Side Quests, be sure to check out our full Dead Island 2 Guide!