After making some progress through Beverly Hills, Side Quests from Rikky Rex will become available. This Dead Island 2 Resurrect the Rex Guide will give you everything you need to complete this specific mission. This includes the location of every one of the Master Tapes you’ll need to collect.

After completing the “O Michael, Where Art Thou?” Story Quest in Beverly Hills, you can access Side Quests from Rikky Rex. In the Resurrect the Rex Side Quest, Rikky asks for your help in recovering the master tapes from a recording session back in his Gods & Whiskey days.

Dead Island 2 Resurrect the Rex Guide

Return to Rikky’s house in Beverly Hills and talk to Rikky. He’ll task you with obtaining the master tapes from his old producer, Farouk. Farouk’s house isn’t far. However, the bulk of the Resurrect the Rex Side Quest takes place within the house.

Head to Farouk’s house and you’ll spot a white van outside. Kill the surrounding zombies and climb onto the van’s roof. There’ll be a makeshift path into the back garden here.

Also worthy of note is the battery on the van’s roof. Throw some bait into the small amount of water remaining in the pool, wait until the zombies gather and then throw in the battery. This’ll make easy work of the stragglers in the area!

The biggest issue in the Resurrect the Rex Side Quest should rear it’s head now. Dave, Farouk’s partner, will be hanging around. Eliminate him to gain Farouk’s House Key. With this key you can enter Farouk’s house.

Search Farouk House for Gods & Whiskey Master Tapes

There are a total of three master tapes hidden in Farouk’s house. You will need to discover all three before returning to Rikky to complete the Resurrect the Rex Side Quest.

Where to Find the First Master Tape

There will be a few zombies inside Farouk’s house, including Farouk the Producer himself. Kill Farouk and he will drop the first Gods & Whiskey master tape on the floor. This is called, Axe Me Nicely: The Album.

Where to Find the Second Master Tape

Climb the stairs to the second floor. You will notice a pool of electrified water on the landing. Across the puddle lies the second Gods & Whiskey master tape.

There will be a red wire leading from the puddle to the other side of the stairs. Follow it and break the wooden crates. This will reveal the generator. Interact with the generator to turn off the power.

Now that the puddle is no longer electrified, you can safely cross and pick up the second master tape. Puking Excellence: The Tour. No one said Gods & Whiskey were a classy band.

Where to Find the Third Master Tape

Head to the third floor of Farouk’s house. A line of zombies will be clawing at the glass paned windows along the third-story balcony. However, you don’t need to feel overwhelmed. There is an easy fix for this.

On the billiard table to the left there is a Fuel Jerrycan and an explosive canister. Pour some fuel along the edge of the windows before breaking the glass. Throw a weapon at an explosive canister to set fire to the fuel, burning the zombies as they enter.

Once all the zombies have been defeated head outside and collect the third Master Tape. Called Hair on a G-String: B-Sides, this one is on one the lounge chairs to the right. Picking up this master tape will also automatically collect the “Gods & Whiskey Jam” Audio Journal.

Return the Gods & Whiskey Master Tapes to Rikky

With all three Gods & Whiskey master tapes in your possession you can return to Rikky. However, when you return to Rikky’s House expect to find a Crusher blocking your path. There will, in fact, be one at each of the gates.

After taking out one (or both!) Crusher zombie, head inside to Rikky to unlock the following rewards.

Resurrect the Rex Side Quest Rewards

  • Pole Saw
  • 2,000 XP

That completes this Dead Island 2 Resurrect the Rex Guide. If you’re stuck on other Side Quests, be sure to check out our full Dead Island 2 Guide!