Beacon of Hope is a post-completion Side Quest available in Dead Island 2. After making your decision to stay in Hell-A during the Hollywood Ending Story Quest, Sebastian and Sarah will have vacated Monarch Studios and headed Hollywood Boulevard. It’s here that this Dead Island 2 Beacon of Hope guide will help, telling you everything you need to know to complete the Side Quest.

Dead Island 2 Beacon of Hope Walkthrough Guide

After completing the final Story Quest, Hollywood Ending and The Terror of Sound Stage 7 Side Quest, return to the back room of the Lotusville “re-aging clinic” on Hollywood Boulevard. Inside you will find a new trader and Sebastian.

Sebastian and Sarah travelled together, but Sarah headed out on her own after arriving and has been gone for a while. You’re tasked with looking for her. You should begin at the Chinese Dynasty Theater.

Locate Sarah

As you approach the Chinese Dynasty Theater on Hollywood Boulevard you will find the plaza filled with zombies, including a Crusher variant. Clear the area before talking to Sarah who is standing on a windowsill above.

She will tell you what she came to the theater for: some marketing materials shipped over from Monarch Studios. It never made it all the way though; it’s still somewhere in the Metro. Sarah wants to use this logo filter on a spotlight on Hollywood Boulevard to attract fellow survivors.

Head south on Hollywood Boulevard and enter the Metro on the other side of the helicopter landing pad. You will find the spotlight in the Metro station ticket office, but the door is locked via three separate Maglocks. You will not be able to open this door without destroying the Maglock boxes that the locks are connected to.

Dead Island 2 Beacon of Hope Guide

Destroy the Maglocks

You can find the Green Maglock box by the ceiling to the left of the turnstiles leading towards the train platform. The Yellow Maglock box is on the wall to the right of the ATMs. The Blue Maglock box is inside the ticket office itself. The ticket window is open at the bottom, and you will need to find the right angle to shoot it from outside the ticket office.

With all three Maglocks destroyed, the ticket office door will swing open. Kick the fragile wooden crates to break them, revealing the spotlight filter on the floor.

Head Back to Sarah

Return to Hollywood Boulevard the way you came. When you get back to Sarah at the Chinese Dynasty Theater there will now be fireworks are going off, drawing every zombie in the area. Fend them off while Sarah searches for a way to turn the fireworks off.

Once the fireworks have finally ended and the zombies have been mopped up, you can install the filter on the spotlight. Head back to Sebastian and let him know that everything is good. For your help, Sebastian rewards you with a new Legendary weapon.

Beacon of Hope Side Quest Rewards

  • The One Legendary Sword
  • 6,000 XP

That completes this Dead Island 2 Beacon of Hope Guide. If you’re stuck on other Side Quests, be sure to check out our full Dead Island 2 Guide!