Alderon Games has today launched a new update for the popular Path of Titans. Known as the Night Stalker Update, this addition comes to the Path of Titans closed beta ‘Founder’s Edition’ of the game. The Path of Titans Night Stalker Update brings both new abilities and dinosaur species to the game.

Watering holes in the African wilderness at night have been an underlying inspiration for the Night Stalker Update. The water’s edge has become a much more hotly contested areas. New skills for raptors and aquatic carnivores make long nights by the watering holes dangerous.‍ This update also includes improvements to the questing and party system, including stacking abilities for party members. 

Path of Titans screenshot

Path of Titans Night Stalker Update Features

The abilities introduced in this update, such as Midnight Hunter and Night Stalker, will change the way you think about dinosaur combat in nighttime encounters. Small and midsized carnivores will see their prowess increased after dark with more than 10 new and updated abilities. For example, The Call of the Night Terrors will provide the Latenivenatrix with a boost to stamina recovery and damage.

This update brings the total species getting remodels and new animations in 2023 to seven so far, with nine species receiving over 10 new abilities. A wide ranging series of balancing updates across the 30 species in the game is also included. The Alioramus, Suchomimus, Camptosaurus, and Latenivenatrix all have had improvements to textures, animations and movement, with more character models to be updated soon.

Path of Titans Night Stalker Update screenshot

The Night Stalker Update also sees seven new modder-created dinosaurs, including Quetzacoatlus and Sachicasaurus, added. As well as three new maps and several other varied new mod features.

Alderon Games state that additional updates are slated for the next few months. These include combat updates, new and improved effects, in-game soundtrack and new quests.

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