The Age of Sigmar is a dangerous place for battle-hardened Stormcast Eternals, let alone the ordinary folk of the Mortal Realms. The Cities of Sigmar and the Dawnbringer Crusades call upon all who can serve to protect themselves from the agents of Chaos, from vagabonds to militia. Those few who survive to climb the ranks develop nerves of steel, becoming Freeguild Marshals in the Warhammer universe.

Against foes such as the Hedonites of Slannesh or the Ossiarch Bonereapers, mankind’s existence would seem futile. Yet there are those experienced warriors who can rally their comrades, the Freeguild Marshals. With the hardiest of will, the Freeguild Marshals are there to inspire as well as issue stern orders.

Freeguild Marshals Warhammer

Freeguild Marshals

Freeguild Marshals are classed as master tacticians and combatant veterans. “The finest officers amongst the Dawnbringer Crusades are all trained by the military academies of their respective cities, but few have hit the books as hard as Freeguild Marshals.”

The Freeguild Marshals aren’t alone, as they need to issue orders to the front lines. Relic Envoys accompany the commanders, hand-picked from the finest squires to run these orders in the heat of battle. Without them, the Freeguild Marshals’ words cannot reach the vital ears needed to vanquish their opponents.

These Relic Envoys also wield an ancient family artefact or relic. Quite often mummified heads of revered relatives, these morbid mementoes are blessed with death rites, whispering advice to whoever carries them.

Games Workshop has yet to reveal further details regarding the Freeguild Marshals and Relic Envoys. When pre-orders and rules go live, Chit Hot will let you know.

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