The Dead Island 2 Coast Guardian Side Quest is available in Venice Beach. You’ll find a lifeguard trapped in a shack. More than this however, he knows of other survivors in the area. This Dead Island 2 Coast Guardian Guide will tell you where to obtain this Side Quest, and everything you need to know to complete it.

In order to obtain the Coast Guardian Side Quest you must have completed the The Giant Slayer Story Quest. In Venice Beach, head to the blue lifeguard shack on the beach. Someone within will call for help. Walk towards it to automatically start the Coast Guardian Side Quest.

Enter the lifeguard shack and speak with Burt, the lifeguard hiding inside.

Dead Island 2 Coast Guardian Guide

Search for Survivors at the Police Station

Once saved, Burt will inform you of a group of survivors across the beach. The coward was escorting them when he ran off to save his own skin. Head to the Police Station by the beach. If you’ve already completed the Cold Pork Side Quest, you’ll know what’s coming. Once you arrive, clear the parking lot of all zombies.

Search for Survivors on the Boardwalk

There are, in fact, no survivors at the Police Station. Burt says the next place to check is the boardwalk. Head northeast from the Police Station to the Venice Kitchen. Kill all the zombies outside, and open the door using the switch to the left of it. One of the survivors is here, but in reality they didn’t survive. Instead, they’ve been transformed into a Slobber Apex Variant.

Of course, you must now kill the Slobber and the wave of zombies.

Return to Burt

Once the Venice Kitchen has been cleared, Burt will let slip that the survivors have been “missing” for days. Hiding in the Venice Kitchen, they clearly turned and attacked each other. Return to the lifeguard shack and talk to Burt again.

Save Burt, Again

As you arrive back at the lifeguard shack on the beach, you will find it surrounded by zombies again. This time, Screamer and Crusher variants are present. Eliminate all the zombies and head inside.

Talk to Burt

With the zombies all downed, talk to Burt. He will confess what really happened to those poor survivors. You tell Burt to hightail it over to the Blue Crab, and earn the following rewards for your efforts.

Coast Guardian Side Quest Rewards

  • Served Cold Skill
  • 3,000 XP
  • $300 Cash

That completes this Dead Island 2 Coast Guardian Guide. If you’re stuck on other Side Quests, be sure to check out our full Dead Island 2 Guide!