When it comes to 2023 movie blockbusters The Super Mario Bros. Movie is now going to be hard to beat. A collaborative effort between Universal, Illumination and Nintendo, the Super Mario Bros animated film has become the second-biggest animation of all time. That means it has now knocked Frozen into the number three position.

As Variety reports, over the weekend The Super Mario Bros. Movie managed to achieve $1.3 billion USD at the worldwide box office. Frozen only managed $1.28 billion in comparison. Even so, Frozen II still reigns supreme at a whopping $1.45 billion.

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Mario generating the big bucks

Splitting those figures down further, the adventures of Mario and his brother Luigi generated $566 million in the US and $733.9 million from the rest of the world. While North America remains the top territory, others include Mexico at $84 million, Japan at $80 million, the United Kingdom at $64 million and France at $57 million.

The Super Mario Bros animated film is also the first of the year to surpass $1 billion. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 has managed $780 million since its 3rd May release. Whilst the recently released Fast 10 (19th May) has already hit $603 million worldwide. Of the upcoming summer blockbusters likely to knock The Super Mario Bros. Movie from its perch, DC Studios’ The Flash is the strongest contender.

Due for release on 16th June, The Flash still stars the controversial Ezra Miller. They’ll be joined by Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton as Batman, alongside a host of other stars. Watch the new trailer for The Flash to see what the fuss is about.

If you’ve not seen The Super Mario Bros animated film at the cinema, Amazon pre-orders for Super Mario Bros. are already live.

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