Award-winning indie game A Street Cat’s Tale returns with a sequel today on Steam with a Nintendo Switch version to come. A Street Cat’s Tale 2 is another kitty adventure with a brand-new narrative whilst building on the gameplay of the previous title.

Developed by Korean indie game company PPIYO Studio, A Street Cat’s Tale 2 tells the story of Cinnamon. A house cat softened by his comfortable life, he’s now having to deal with new problems out on the streets through Sokoban-style puzzles. Because on one peaceful day, a butterfly flies in through a window, and Cinnamon followed it outside.

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A Street Cat’s Tale 2

While the focus is on Cinnamon, the videogame tells the painful stories of alley cats and house cats abandoned by their owners.

“The outside world has none of the happy experiences he has grown accustomed to during his comfy life at home,” explains the synopsis. “He faces animal hoarders, force-feeding terrorists, unknown characters abducting kittens from their villages, and more. The glares he sees are cold, and the events happen seemingly at random.”

So you need to help get Cinnamon home and back to his owner Hazel. Like any alley cat, he’ll need to hunt and scavenge for food. Neighbourhoods offer mice, frogs and other prey to hunt or you can go rummaging in garbage bins. Whilst exploring you’ll encounter other cats and characters to talk to, revealing more about themselves when provided with the right gifts.

A Street Cat’s Tale 2 is available on Steam now with a 20% discount for the first week. The Nintendo Switch edition will be released before the end of 2023.

For all you cat lovers awaiting the game, you can fill that time with Catgochi on Nintendo Switch instead. Lets us know which kitty-based game you’re going to treat.

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