After your fight with Butcho the Clown, you’ll wash up in Santa Monica. Along the shoreline after concluding the Blood Drive Story Quest, you can find the Message in a Bottle Side Quest. This Dead Island 2 Message in a Bottle Guide will tell you everything you need to know to find the Side Quest, and to complete it!

Inside the bottle you will find an S.O.S.. Someone is unable to escape the zombie hordes here on Dead Island 2‘s Pier. It’s now your job to track down the final whereabouts of the food critic, Anthony R. Oliver.

Dead Island 2 Message in a Bottle Guide

Dead Island 2 Message in a Bottle Guide

As you progress through this Side Quest you’ll obtain a number of notes. These can be viewed under the Collectibles tab in your Player menu. Each note you collect during the quest line contains a hint for where to find the next clue to locating Anthony R. Oliver.

The first such clue states “…the bottom of “the Bucket”. As such, your first objective is to go to the Bucket O’ Fish restaurant on the Santa Monica Pier. You will find it on the northern side of the pier, across from the police station and the Pier Grill.

Enter the restaurant and head down into the basement. There are a number of traps here, so use caution. You’ll eventually come to a section with electrified water. On the other side, the next note sits on a crate. To reach it, climb over the crates on the left-hand side. From this angle, you can now throw a weapon at the electric box to cut off the electricity.

The next note, “Review: Bucket O’ Fish: One Star”, reads: “The grilled food is subpar, and the outdoor seating’s decor was passe a decade ago. But the military have set up a landing pad right by its front door.”

Head to Pier Grill

Move out from beneath Bucket O’ Fish and back onto the Pier to reach your next destination, the Pier Grill. This restaurant is nearby, east from Bucket O’ Fish. There are quite a few enemies waiting outside. You’ll need to kill at the Riot Gear Walkers and Crusher zombies before you can gain access to the Pier Grill outside patio. Once the path is clear, you can find the next note sitting on a table in outdoor seating section.

Go to the Hot Dog Shack

This next note suggests you should find, “something greasyunpleasant, and most importantly FAST!”

Head to the Hot Dog Shack, north of the Lifeguard HQ on the beach. On the eastern side of the shack, you find Anthony R. Oliver. However, not all is well. He’s turned into a Slobber. Defeat him and all the surrounding Hazmat zombies to collect your prize.

Once you collect the final note, dropped from the corpse of the Anthony R. Oliver Slobber, you will complete the Message in a Bottle Side Quest.

Message in a Bottle Side Quest Rewards

  • 3,000 XP

That completes this Dead Island 2 Message in a Bottle Guide. If you’re stuck on other Side Quests, be sure to check out our full Dead Island 2 Guide!