After reaching Venice Beach in Dead Island 2 you will unlock Fast Travel. This allows you to revisit previous locations, and unlock new Side Quests. At this point, this Dead Island 2 Creature Comforts Guide will come in handy! Here you’ll learn how to obtain the mission, where you need to travel to and how to find the required keys. Plus, of course, the reward for the Creature Comforts Side Quest.

Where to Find the Creature Comforts Side Quest

You can find Curtis on the ground floor of Emma Jaunt’s Mansion in Bel-Air. Talk to Curtis to learn the locations of the two liquor bottles he wants you to retrieve: a vintage wine from the GOAT Pen and a fancy whiskey from Colt Swanson’s Mansion.

You can choose to go to the GOAT Pen or Colt’s Mansion in any order.

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Dead Island 2 Creature Comforts Guide

We recommend heading to the GOAT Pen first. You will find this location just off Alphine Drive in Bel-Air. If you haven’t done so already, you may be able to unlock the #Clickbait Side Quest while you’re there – but only if you arrive at night.

Back to Creature Comforts, what you’re looking for is the wine room on the ground floor. As you explore, you’ll find the Corporate Narc Journal on the counter just outside the wine room.

The door to the wine room is locked. You need the GOAT Pen Master Key to unlock it. Or you can just kick the glass to break in, then throw a weapon at the alarm in the back left corner to disable it.

Collect the Maison Sang-Vivant Wine

Once you’ve cleared out any zombies you’ve attracted you can search for the wine. There are a lot of bottles to look at, but the one you want is against the back wall in one of the lower holes.

Once collected, a new horde of zombies will approach. These will include a Burster, so be careful.

Collect the Cigars

Before you leave the GOAT Pen, Curtis will call with another request. He wants a Cuban Cigar Box he knows is stashed somewhere in the master bedroom.

This is the pink room you might have noticed to your left as you enter the GOAT Pen from the top floor. Just as with the wine room, the door is locked and requires the Goat Pen Master Keys to enter. However, once again, there is an alternative.

Walk out the front door and up to the GOAT Pen roof. Head towards the southeast corner of the roof, and you’ll see the balcony to the master bedroom just below. Jump over and land on the balcony. Break the windows and deal with the zombies within. Once again, you can throw a weapon at the alarm to silence it.

On the left-hand side of the master bed, you can find the Goat Pen Master Keys. Inside the walk-in closet, you can find the Cuban Cigar Box on a shelf along the back wall.

With those two objectives complete, it’s time to head to Colt Swanson’s house. This is on the corner of Access Rd 782 and Access Rd 781 in Bel-Air.

Collect the Ardkillin Whiskey

The whiskey inside the Colt Swanson home can be found in a second floor bedroom. If you try to head through the house, you will find the door is locked. Instead, make your way along the west side of the house from the outside. Just beyond the fountain, you will find several doors along the ivy-covered walls. One of these doors will be open, and leads into the bedroom.

Be careful as you enter, however. There is a trap hidden in the doorway. It will activate if you step on the pressure plate. There’s also more inside the room itself. You can disable these by throwing weapons at the trap from a safe distance, or by luring the zombies within into firing range of one.

You will find the Hell or High Water Journal inside the walk-in closet. Just behind it, you will also see Cindy’s Safe, but it requires Cindy’s Safe Key to unlock.

Collect Cindy’s Safe Key

The whiskey is in the safe. To find the key, unlock Colt’s bedroom door from within and head down stairs. Turn right at the bottom of the stairs, into the room with all the display cases. Just inside you will find a Screamer called Cindy. Defeat her and she will drop Cindy’s Safe Key.

Head back upstairs to the bedroom and interact with Cindy’s Safe to unlock it. Collect the Ardkillin Whiskey.

Return to Curtis

Now that you have the Ardkillin Whiskey, Maison Sang-Vivant Wine, and Cuban Cigar Box, it’s time to head back to Emma Jaunt’s Mansion. Find Curtis and talk to him to receive the following rewards.

Creature Comforts Side Quest Rewards

  • Peggy Rifle (Superior)
  • 3,000 XP

That completes this Dead Island 2 Creature Comforts Guide. If you’re stuck on other Side Quests, be sure to check out our full Dead Island 2 Guide!