Remember Burt the lifeguard? The coward you rescued in the Dead Island 2 Coast Guardian Side Quest? Well, he’s back. After you’ve survived the horrors of the Santa Monica Pier and returned the blood sample for Dr. Reed, you will find other survivors the boardwalk. This includes Burt, who will have a new mission for you. On this page of Chit Hot’s Dead Island 2 Side Quests Guide, you can find a complete walkthrough for The Hero’s Journey Side Quest in Dead Island 2.

To begin the The Hero’s Journey Side Quest, you must have completed the Blood Drive Story Quest in Santa Monica, and Coast Guardian Side Quest in Venice Beach. Now, venture to the underside of the Santa Monica Pier. There, you will find Burt, once again surrounded by zombies.

Dead Island 2 The Hero's Journey Guide

Talk to Burt

While he doesn’t seem to be on top form, Burt will insist he hasn’t been bitten. He requests your help to get a fellow survivor, Rita, to the Lifeguard HQ on the beach.

Burt refuses to go with you until he can find his lucky “torpedo floatie”. You’re now tasked with retrieving it. As you jump off the platform to begin the Side Quest, a new wave of zombies approaches. Kill all the zombies in this area as a warm up.

Find Burt’s Lucky Torp

Burt mentioned some public toilets inside the CDC Headquarters. This is on the east side of the beach. Once you arrive, head through the northwest entrance. You will see the port-a-potties to your left as you head inside.

The Lucky Torp is behind the toilets. Break the fragile wooden boxes in the small alley between the toilets to reach the other side. You will find Burt’s Lucky Torp on the ground by a zombie corpse.

Take Burt’s lucky torp to the Lifeguard HQ

You’re going to want to head back to Lifeguard HQ now. But before you can, a horde of zombies approaches. As you’re now in a very tight space, the only option is to fight your way out.

Kill all the zombies around the public toilets to escape, including the Crusher Apex Variant.

Once clear, head to the Lifeguard HQ, northwest of the CDC domes. Yet another group of zombies waits within. Clear them out to reach the stairs to the lifeguard tower by climbing atop the yellow truck.

Dead Island 2 The Hero's Journey Guide

Burt Needs Rescuing. Again.

Once inside the lifeguard headquarters, Rita will tell you that Burt didn’t make it. He ran off to try and lure the zombie hoard away and has not returned. Head back out and make your way to the Lifeguard Shack on the Santa Monica beach. There will be a crowd of zombies around the shack, including two Butcher Apex Variants and a Putrified Slobber.

Talk to Burt

Inside the Lifeguard Shack you will find Burt. He’s happy to hear that Rita made it to Lifeguard HQ, however it’s clear he’s in a bad way.

On the table to the right of Burt’s body you can find a Journal from the “The Truth” series.

The Hero’s Journey Side Quest Rewards:

  • Guardian Perk
  • Machete
  • 3,000 XP

That completes this Dead Island 2 The Hero’s Journey Guide. If you’re stuck on other Side Quests, be sure to check out our full Dead Island 2 Guide!