In this Dead Island 2 Side Quest, you’ll be tasked with finding a team of seismologists who have gone missing in the Brentwood Sewers. This Dead Island 2 It’s Not Your Fault Guide will give you a complete walkthrough for the Side Quest, including all locations, collectables and rewards!

In order to access the It’s Not Your Fault Side Quest, you will need to have at least started the Hollywood Ending Story Quest. Head back to Emma’s Mansion and find Luciana. Speak with her to unlock the Side Quest.

Dead Island 2 It's Not Your Fault Guide

Dead Island 2 It’s Not Your Fault Walkthrough Guide

After agreeing to help, your first task is to locate the seismometers and missing seismologists. Head to the Bel-Air entrance to Brentwood Sewers. As you approach, you will see a Journal beside the corpse of a seismologist, near a white truck. This Journal lists the locations of all the seismometers in the Brentwood Sewers:

  • Bel-air Accessway
  • Hydrostatics Management System
  • Filtration Access and Servicing
  • Main Septic Tank

Find the Seismometers

Each of the seismometers hidden inside the Brentwood Sewers has a key you must find to unlock the chest they’re kept within. You can find the first seismometer chest and key, Seismometer Alpha, just around the corner to the left as you enter the sewers from the Bel-Air entrance.

Continue towards the tunnel to the Venice Storm Tank. As you go, you will encounter plenty of Apex Variant zombies. You can find the key to the second seismometer, Seismometer Beta, in the northeast corner of the tunnel past the Automated Hydrostatics Monitoring room. You can find the second seismometer behind some bars across from the Fuse room. You’ll find in the tunnel between Automated Hydrostatics and Filtration Access and Servicing.

Continue west until you reach Filtration Access and Servicing. Climb up the stairs to reach the control room on the upper level. Here on a table against the back wall you will find the chest with the third seismometer and Niran’s Note Journal.

The key for this chest is mentioned in Niran’s Note Journal, suggesting that it’s located in the ‘tunnel below the control room’. Use the catwalks above, then jump down to enter the room on the lower level. As you enter, you will find the body of another seismologist with Eli’s Note Journal on the floor.

Use the gas levers to cut off the flames and continue to the next room down the hall. Once the room is safe, you can find the key in the meat pile right next to the seismologist corpse against the north wall.

Head back up to the control room office on the upper level of Filtration Access and Servicing. A Butcher Apex Variant will be lurking within. Take care of it, and open the third seismometer chest.

Dead Island 2 It's Not Your Fault Guide

Enter the Main Septic Tank

The fourth seismometer is located in a different area. You’ll need to progress to the Main Septic Tank, in which you’ll be confronted with tons of tougher enemies.

The Maintenance Worker is a Butcher Apex Variant. You will need to take him down before getting to the last seismometer. Once defeated, the Maintenance Worker will drop the Maintenance Toolbox Key.

At the back of the Main Septic Tank, by the stairs that lead up to the scaffolding, you will find the Seismologist zombie. This Electrified Runner will explode into a cloud of electricity at timed intervals. Once defeated, the Seismologist will drop the final key.

You can find the fourth seismometer chest in a pile to the left of where you found the Seismologist zombie. The moment you open it, a massive earthquake will set off. Zombies will spawn everywhere. You will need to kill a large wave of zombies before leaving the Main Septic Tank.

Once you can finally leave, head out of the Brentwood Sewers entirely, and return to Bel-Air.

Talk to Luciana

Talk with Luciana at Emma’s Mansion. She’ll give you a hefty reward, including a Legendary Gun.

It’s Not Your Fault Side Quest Rewards

  • Big Shot Legendary Pistol
  • 3,500 XP

That completes this Dead Island 2 It’s Not Your Fault Guide. If you’re stuck on other Side Quests, be sure to check out our full Dead Island 2 Guide!