You may be finished with the Story Quests of Dead Island 2, but there’s still more to be done! The survivors at the Serling Hotel on Ocean Avenue know where some unique weapons are stashed, and this Dead Island 2 The Art of War guide will tell you exactly how to retrieve them!

In order to access The Art of War Side Quest, you must have completed the Hollywood Ending Story Quest and More Than the Badge Side Quest. Return to the Serling Hotel on the third floor of the Lotusville Mall. Find Rosa and talk to her. She’ll tell you about some military-grade weapons stashed in the Metro.

Dead Island 2 The Art of War Guide

Dead Island 2 The Art of War Guide

Use the Fast Travel map at the Serling Hotel to fast travel to the Metro area. Head west of the Safe Room with the Metro Fast Travel map. Here, you will find a laptop upon a crate at the back of the middle subway tunnel.

After interacting with the laptop you’ll need to fend off some zombies as it boots up. Kill all the waves of zombies while the laptop loads, including Crusher and Butcher Apex variants.

Once the area is clear, interact with the laptop again to reveal a Digital Artwork Journal.

The intel may not be quite what you were expecting. However, therein lies a clue as to where the munitions are hidden. Continue west down the tunnel and search each of the four abandoned train cars for the hidden stash.

At the end of the southwest train car, you can find the More Than Just Gangbangers Journal and a Superior Shotgun beside the corpse of one of the gang members.

Sadly, the stash isn’t to be found in these train cars. As it was the ‘Darkest Before Dawn’ crew that supposedly left the weapons, it’s time to track them down and find out the truth. Head out the west maintenance area exit to look for the crew.

Defeat the Darkest Before Dawn Crew

As you exit, you’ll discover that the Darkest Before Dawn crew have all turned into Ignited variant zombies. Burning Walkers, Burning Runners, Inferno Crusher, and even a Firestorm Slobber. You will need to kill all these Darkest Before Dawn crew zombies to get the DBD Chest Key.

The corpses of the DBD crew will also drop the Javier is Disappointed Journal.

Claim the Military Stash

Now that you have killed all the undead Darkest Before Dawn crew and acquired the DBD Chest Key, you can find the DBD Chest beside the Workbench in the Safe Room by the west entrance to the Metro. Inside you will find youiir rewards.

The Art of War Side Quest Rewards

Superior Ranged Cremator Mod

  • Wildstyle Military Axe
  • 5,000 XP

That completes this Dead Island 2 The Art of War Guide. If you’re stuck on other Side Quests, be sure to check out our full Dead Island 2 Guide!