Astragon Entertainment and developer Aesir Interactive have today released the 10th free content update for the popular game, Police Simulator: Patrol Officers. Known as the ‘Garage Update’, this DLC adds a car garage to each precinct. At the same time, players can now purchase the Compact Police Vehicle DLC for Police Simulator: Patrol Officers.

In Police Simulator: Patrol Officers, players join the police force of a fictitious American city and experience the day to day life of a Police Officer. Start with citing violations and giving out parking tickets, then work your way towards shouldering more responsibilities. Be part of the community of Brighton, get to know your neighborhood and handle daily police work to fight crime during your shift.

Chit Hot previously delivered a Police Simulator: Patrol Officers review, stating: “Despite it’s myriad of issues, Police Simulator: Patrol Officers isn’t a bad game. It’s enjoyable for exactly the right reasons; a simulation of a profession.”

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers screenshot

New Police Simulator: Patrol Officers DLC

As stated above, there are two new DLC packs for Police Simulator: Patrol Officers. The first, the free ‘Garage Update’, includes the following:

  • Each precinct now has a car garage, which introduces the following features: 
    • Repair your damaged cars during your shift 
    • Create your individual car fleet on the four available parking lots 
    • Manage the tools in the trunk for each car individually 
    • Significant improvements to the driving characteristics and general handling of all cars 
    • Various bug fixes and improvements 

The second, paid DLC includes a brand new, small and flexible new police vehicle that can reach even the narrowest streets of Brighton.  

The benefits of the Compact Police Vehicle DLC are:

  • Available with the very first shift, even including the first foot patrols 
  • Driving in narrow streets and parks where the other patrol cars cannot fit through 
  • Significantly smaller turning circle than the other vehicles for optimal navigation through the city 

The Garage Update (Update 10) is available now for free and the Compact Police Vehicle DLC can be purchased for 2.99€ / $2.99 USD on all platforms. The main game is available for PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series S|X and Xbox One. 

Have you been playing Police Simulator: Patrol Officers? Will you be buying this new DLC? Let us know in the comments below!

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