Since the 1930’s Merian C. Cooper’s King Kong has been a titan of the silver screen, even making the leap into videogames. The latest comes from developer IguanaBee Studios and publisher GameMill Entertainment in the form of action-adventure game Skull Island: Rise of Kong. With the studio announcing that a multiplatform launch will take place later this year, here’s why should be excited for Skull Island: Rise of Kong.

Skull Island: Rise of Kong story

In Skull Island: Rise of Kong you embody the powerful Kong. This is a journey of vengeance, fighting the local inhabitants to claim your rightful place as King of Skull Island. You are out to avenge the death of your parents, slain by the saurian terror Gaw; the ultimate alpha predator.

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Combo combat

Before facing Gaw you’ll have to face his minions. This means hand-to-hand combat, unleashing devastating combos to vanquish waves of primal beasts. You’ll be able to unleash Kong’s rage to deliver increased damage and well as delivering brutal finishing attacks.

Kong progression

Starting your journey as the orphaned Kong, experience his evolution to the King of Skull Island in your bid for revenge.

You’ll learn new fighting abilities and combos to tackle the toughest of foes. These new abilities will be gained through special events and intense boss fights, fully unlocking Kong’s fighting potential.

Skull Island Exploration

Skull Island is a vast, inhospitable and mysterious island, covered in exotic flora and fauna. You’ll be able to explore mountainous terrain, jungles, swamps, skullite-filled caves and more.

You’ll want to leave no stone unturned to unearth collectables, unlock new areas, and learn more about the strange history of this faraway land.

Release Date, supported platforms & deals

Skull Island: Rise of Kong will support PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam when it arrives in late 2023. No specific launch date has been given.

For those that are interested, Skull Island: Rise of Kong is available to preorder now.

  • Standard Edition – £34.99 GBP at major retailers
  • Colossal Edition – for £44.99. This edition includes:
    • 8 exclusive film grains featuring the ability to experience a red-tinted rage mode and the original look of the classic 1933 and 1970s era King Kong films,
    • The Kong colour pack with 10 different colours so you can choose your own Kong colour
    • A boss-rush mode allowing you to defeat all the titans of Skull Island
    • A behind-the-scenes exclusive pack including looks at in-game artwork and the all-original orchestral soundtrack.

Are you a King Kong fan? Are you excited about IguanaBee Studios’s upcoming game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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