Once you can traverse the Santa Monica Pier freely you will find that you aren’t the only survivor on the pier. The familiar face of internet ‘celebrity’ Amanda Styles has made her way onto the boardwalk. In this Dead Island 2 Like and Follow Guide, you’ll learn how to complete the next stage of Styles’ Side Quest campaign.

Your mission here is to help Amanda Styles get off the pier and back to safety. In order to play Dead Island 2‘s Like and Follow Side Quest, you must have completed the Blood Drive Story Quest and #Clickbait Side Quest.

Dead Island 2 Like and Follow Guide

Like and Follow Side Quest Guide

You will find Amanda Styles standing on the southeast corner of the roof above the Pier Stop Souvenir Shop on the Santa Monica Pier.

Speak with Amanda Styles to learn of your first objective in the Like and Follow Side Quest.

Electrocute Zombies to Death

Your first task is to kill zombies via the electorcuted status effect. You can do this with an electrofied weapon. However, if you don’t have one to hand simply head into the ride operator’s shack beside the bumper cars and turn the ride on. Exposed wires are laid out on the bumper car track, plus some puddles of water.

Around the bumper car area you can also find Water Jerrycans and Batteries.

You need to kill 16 zombies using electricity in order to complete this objective.

Decapitate Zombies

Once you have killed 16 zombies using electricity, Amanda Styles will move near the Ferris Wheel. Follow her there and talk to her on the southwest corner of the Pier Shop roof. This time she wants to film you decapitating their heads. Kill 12 zombies by removing their heads to complete this objective.

You will need a weapon maim weapon. Switch to any sword-type weapon and aim for necks as you swing.

Once you’ve decapitated 12 zombies, Amanda will move to the roof above the Octopus Ride on the north side of the Pier.

Yeet Zombies off the Pier

This time she wants you to throw zombies off the edge of the Pier. There’s a section of broken fence along the north edge of the Pier. Kick zombies through this gap

You will need to kick 14 zombies off the Pier. However, they will need to die from the fall damage. As such, you’re likely to end up doing far more than that. Once you’ve achieved the requirement, kill any remaining zombies and return to Amanda Styles for your reward.

Like and Follow Side Quest Rewards

  • Rare Ranged Electrocutor Mod
  • Nailgun
  • 4,000 XP

That completes this Dead Island 2 Like and Follow Guide. If you’re stuck on other Side Quests, be sure to check out our full Dead Island 2 Guide!