A change in leadership can sometimes be good. Other times, you’re left with Jimmy Montana. In this Dead Island 2 Side Quest, you learn that Jimmy isn’t quite up to the standard set in place by Dr. Rueben Reed. This Dead Island 2 More Than the Badge Guide will give you a complete walkthrough for the Side Quest, telling you everything you need to know to help the survivors ate the Serling Hotel.

In order to access the More Than the Badge Side Quest, you must have at least started the Rage Quit Story Quest. After you have completed The Search for Truth Story Quest, return to Serling Hotel to find that Dr. Reed and his daughter Tisha have gone AWOL. Now Jimmy Montana is now in charge, and a bunch of supplies have been stolen.

Jimmy Montana will be next to one of the elevator bays in the hallway leading into the Argento’s Sky Lounge of the Serling Hotel in Ocean Avenue.

Dead Island 2 More Than the Badge Guide

Dead Island 2 More Than the Badge Guide

Jimmy Montana might not be the best leader, but he is good enough to give you some details on where the thieves who stole the Serling Hotel survivors’ food.

From the Lotusville Mall entrance, head towards Venture Walk and turn down the first alley to the left. Once there, you need to search for clues. Interact with “The Badge” poster at the back left corner of the alley.

Some zombies will appear once you find the poster, including Sasha, one of the thieving survivors now turned Screamer. Kill it to collect the next clue, another “The Badge” poster.

On this poster there’s a note from the thieves telling Jimmy Montana to meet them at the MegaPark on Ocean Avenue.

Head to the MegaPark

From the alley behind the Beancup. Walk north down Venture Walk and then take a right. On the corner of Stoker Place and Silicon Street you will find a parking garage. As you approach you will find more zombies, including a Butcher Apex variant.

Between the posters and the blood trail, you can easily figure out where the thieves went next. Climb onto the white van near the parking garage and then onto the bloody ledge above. Up here, between the generators, you can find a Note to Jimmy Journal.

Turns out Jimmy Montana was in on the plan to steal the food. However, he was too cowardly to follow through. Now that the truth is out, Jimmy will tell you everything. You need to find a manager’s pass, which is in the Burger 66 on Ocean Avenue.

Head to Burger 66

Make your way to the Burger 66 at the north end of Venture Walk. All the survivors who stole the food supplies were massacred. Kill all the zombies including the Butcher.

After fighting the Butcher, you can find the manager’s pass, and “The Badge Trailer” Audio Journal on one of the red tables in the Burger 66 outdoor seating section.

NOTE: As you kill the Butcher, the fire alarm at the hotel will begin ringing.

Head back to the Lotusville Mall now. The lobby is filled with zombies which you will need to clear out before you can make it back to the Serling Hotel on the third floor.

Kill the Firestorm Slobber on the first floor first, then Ava will appear behind one of the gates near the entrance for you to hand over the manager’s pass.

Confront Jimmy

Jimmy Montana will still be by the elevator bays. He’s still not a great guy, obviously, but he will reward you for cleaning up his mess.

More Than the Badge Side Quest Rewards

Relentless Perk

  • Superior Pistol
  • 3,000 XP

That completes this Dead Island 2 More Than the Badge Guide. If you’re stuck on other Side Quests, be sure to check out our full Dead Island 2 Guide!