The German studio Hekate and NACON have announced that Ad Infinitum launches today on consoles and PC. The psychological horror game sees players enter the tormented mind of a young German WWI soldier.

Is he dead or alive? Is he in the trenches, or at the family home? Ad Infinitum plunges the player into the contorted mind of a young soldier trapped between two realities. Throughout the adventure, the character is engaged in an internal battle to untangle real from false, through which the player can uncover the story of this German family, and the deep scars left by the war over several generations.

The oppressive atmosphere, the disturbing noises and bizarre creatures lurking in the shadows pursue the player at every stage of the game. Depending on the scenario, you may need to run, keep absolutely quiet, or even use the decor to solve puzzles and escape the nightmarish visions constantly driving you ever closer to madness.

Will you be able to escape the creatures hounding you, and uncover this family’s secrets without descending into insanity?

Ad Infinitum Launch Trailer

Ad Infinitum launches today on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. A special ‘Nightmare Edition’ of Ad Infinitum is also available. This package offers a now redundant 48-hour early access, a 10% discount, the original game soundtrack and a digital Artbook.

The Soundtrack composed and mixed by Lukas Deuschel, co-founder of Hekate Studio, is also now available here and on all major music services.

The game has been met with a middling response thus far, but Chit Hot is confident the game will find an audience. This is largely thanks to the game’s unique story. But also worthy of note is the single-player FPS gameplay, which is a trend that thankfully seems to be slowly returning.

Will you be playing Ad Infinitum this weekend? Let us know in the comments below!

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