Hot on the heels of Chit Hot featuring Ad Infinitum, publisher NACON has announced a new edition of the game. The Ad Infinitum Nightmare Edition will grant players early access to the game, and unique digital content.

Ad Infinitum pulls the player into the twisted, troubled mind of a young German soldier suffering from hallucinations. Lost between reality and illusion, he faces a genuine psychological battle against himself. The line separating nightmare and reality is becoming increasingly blurred. Trapped between two realities, you’ll wander through a vast mansion and the trenches of WW1 where you must fend off the terrible creatures that are coming after you.

The game is designed to offer a mix of gunplay and cerebral puzzle challenges. You must learn about each monster rather than simply overpowering them. Through exploration and puzzle solving – between your home and the barbed wire of No Man’s Land – you’ll gain indispensable knowledge about the source of the horror.

Ad Infinitum Nightmare Edition

Ad Infinitum is available to pre-order now for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC. Publisher NACON and Hekate Studio have now confirmed the specific launch date for the game: 14th September, 2023. As stated above, there is also a special Ad Infinitum Nightmare Edition set for release. This package will offer 48-hour early access, a 10% discount, the original game soundtrack and a digital Artbook.

Ad Infinitum Nightmare Edition

NACON is also set to publish a number of other titles later this year, including the highly anticipated RoboCop: Rogue City. Gangs of Sherwood, Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown and Crown Wars: The Black Prince reinforce an impressive Q3 2023 line-up. Hekate Studio, conversely, have no other titles to their name.

Are you excited for Ad Infinitum? Will you be pre-ordering the Nightmare Edition of the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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