In the last couple of weeks, Games Workshop has unveiled festive Warhammer 40K boxsets and Age of Sigmar boxsets. But for those wishing to truly celebrate their favourite hobby this Christmas, GW is about to release a huge range of Warhammer festive gifts.

For the Warhammer fan who has everything, there are Christmas cards, wrapping paper, and tree decorations featuring Da Red Gobbo available. The latter even comes with a pin badge. That means all your family and friends can enjoy some Waaagh! celebrations!

Continuing that trend, Koyo has created two advent calendars for 40K and Age of Sigmar to bolster the merriment through December.

Warhammer Festive Gifts 2
Warhammer Festive Gifts 1

The Age of Christmas

For those pin collectors out there, new Mystery Pin collections arrive for Christmas.

Then in preparation for the new year, there’s the official Warhammer 2024 calendar. It is filled with stunning artwork, that comes with an extra poster featuring art from the cover of Codex: Leagues of Votann.

Lastly, there’s a new tin and more baubles to grab. In collaboration with Merchoid, there are four baubles decked out with symbols from the Imperium, the Adepta Sororitas, the Chaos star, and the emblems of the Grand Alliances of the Mortal Realms. Or how about the rather vibrant toothy Squig bauble? For safekeeping, these can then be stored in the artistically weathered tin tote bearing the Imperial Aquila.

None of these items are available just yet, so you’ll have to hold on a little longer to deck your halls with bells of Warhammer.

Don’t forget that TOMY is creating a series of Warhammer plushie toys for 2024. And then you’ve got the upcoming Weta collaboration of 1:6 scale premium statues. So clear out some shelving – or build more – ready for the new year.

Which Warhammer festive gifts will you be picking up this year? Let us know in the comments below.