The fighting game genre has made great strides this year. The old adage, ‘a rising tide lifts all boats,’ may well apply here. And in the case of Capcom and Netmarble, it certainly seems that way. A new crossover will see former rivals meet, with The King of Fighters All Star getting the addition of characters from Street Fighter 6.

The King of Fighters All Star is a beat ’em up with elements of an action-RPG, similar to River City Ransom. The game launched for mobile devices in 2018, and came to PC in 2022. There’s an ardent fanbase supporting the game as both fans of The King of Fighters series and beat-’em-ups in general. Now though, Netmarble are hoping to reach a new fighting game fanbase with a collaboration with Capcom.

The King of Fighters All Star - Street Fighter 6 collab

You Got Street Fighter in my King of Fighters

Characters from this year’s newly released Street Fighter 6 are appearing in The King of Fighters All Star now. Legendary fighters Guile, Jamie, and Juri Han are the first characters to join, with more to follow.

  • Guile is a Yellow element, defense type fighter. His leader skill increases the ATK of all fighters and increases ATK even more when defeating enemies. His Special Skill deals Bleed damage equal to the number of attacks upon landing the Blast skill for a certain time.
  • Jamie is a Purple element, attack type fighter. His Leader skill increases the ATK of all Purple element fighters. His Special skill decreases the skill cooldown for a certain time, while increasing ATK speed and decreasing skill cooldown when conditions are met.
  • Juri Han is a Purple element, balance type fighter. Her Leader skill also increases the ATK of Purple element fighters. Her Special skill decreases the DEF and increases DMG on the target when landing her Active Skill.

It’s Not Just the Fighters Making the Leap

There are a number of special events commemorating this dream collaboration, as well. Some of which might be familiar to Street Fighter fans:

  • Collab Boss Showdown: Players will take on Guile, earning rewards for clearing the level, including special Collab items from the Street Fighter franchise.
  • Collab Special Mini Game “Smash the Car”: Featuring a popular minigame from the Street Fighter franchise, players can choose one of three levels to enter the game and smash a car within the time limit.
  • Collab Dream Match: Players can enjoy a 3v3 battle in real time with various Collab Fighters. This is gonna be a battle to remember – go for broke!

Furthermore, in celebration of this update, all players can get Street Fighter 6 Summon Tickets and Battle Card Summon Tickets. They can register the coupon codes on the website to use.  

And there’s more! While Street Fighter 6 is the highlight, The King of Fighters All Star players will also soon be able to unlock Street Fighter 5 characters and other classic SNK fighters.

The King of Fighters All Star is available to download on Google Play and the App Store. With Street Fighter 6, Mortal Kombat 1 and the return of Killer Instinct, it’s bee a good year for fighting game fans. Shame about Street Fighter: Duel, though. What’s your favourite fighting game of 2023? Let us know in the comments below!

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