The Dawnbringers series is considered a period of closure. Many fans are expecting the Dawnbringers period to be the final chapter in Warhammer: Age of Sigmar 3.0, as we march ahead into what will likely be a summer release for the next edition. Thankfully, those who missed some of the large, expensive boxes featuring the Dawnbringers champions will soon be able to purchase them individually.

There have been several new models offered as part of the Dawnbringers crusade thus far. Each has been available as part of a Regiment of Renown box. However, for long time collectors these boxes may have been a step too far, packing in miniatures which may have already been owned. Now however, the opportunity to purchase some of these new champions is confirmed. Pre-orders begin this Saturday, 13th January, 2024.

Dawnbringers Crusade Champions

Trugg the Troggoth King Warhammer

Trugg the Troggoth King

Trugg is an ancient and ornery Troggoth with a magical migraine. Maybe it’s something to do with the strange altar that lodged in his back? A whole city collapsed around his sleeping form. Dude’s got a hell of a snore.

Pronounced King of the Troggoths by Braggit da Rabble-Rowza, Trugg now smashes his way around the Mortal Realms. Apparently, he’s trying to put a stop to the headache that hammers at his little Troggoth brain. As he swats and claws at the altar on his back, it unleashes torrents of arcane power that empower him with the magics of the Realms. Causing a headache for everyone who gets in his way, no doubt.

Click here to find the Trugg the Troggoth King rules to get playing straight away!

Ionus Cryptborn

Warhammer Dawnbringers: Ionus Cryptborn

Ionus Cryptborn is one of the first and most powerful Stormcast Eternals heroes. A mighty Lord Relictor who has fought alongside the Hammers of Sigmar since the Realmgate Wars. Ionus has spent long years searching for a cure to the effects of repeated Reforging. As he did, he made a friend. The ancient Stormdrake Cthorak in the process. Aww, dragon friend!

Now Ionus has returned to help Vandus Hammerhand and the Twin-Tailed Crusade in their battle against the evils of the world, and his scaly friend is going fight alongside him.

Belthanos, First Thorn of Kurnoth

Warhammer Dawnbringers: Belthanos

When the Twin-Tailed Crusade was beset by Ogor Gorgers in the Realm of Life, it was Belthanos who emerged from Ghyran to save the day. Carrying a spark of the Sylvaneth god of the hunt with him, the Belthanos rides the Carnelian Greatspite. He leads the Evergreen Hunt alongside the brutal Kurnoth Hunters and swift Spiterider cavalry.

These three champions will be available to pre-order from Saturday, 13th January, 2024. No prices have yet been revealed.

These Warhammer Dawnbringers champions standalone releases follow the Harbinger of Decay and Rabble-Rowza. Which is your favourite new hero in the Dawnbringers crusades? Let us know in the comments below!

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