As you’re preparing your decorations with a few Warhammer festive gifts you might have considered buying one of the new seasonal box sets. Alas, if you’ve not had your finger on the pre-order button you’re likely to be disappointed. As it seems Warhammer’s festive box sets are going to be very hard to come by.

At the end of October Games Workshop announced ten seasonal box sets. There were six festive  Warhammer 40K boxsets and four Battleforce Age of Sigmar Boxsets. Pre-orders went live on the new store this past Saturday, 11th November. However, if you check the store today it’s as if the Mortal Realms have been torn asunder once more.

Festive Warhammer 40K

Warhammer’s Festive Box Sets

A quick check on the official store and you’ll notice that out of the ten available sets, only two remain (at the time of writing). Only the Space Marines: Spearhead Force and the Battleforce: Soulblight Gravelords – Vengorian Court remain available to pre-order. The rest now state that they’re ‘sold out online’. This isn’t great considering it’s only been a few days, and this is the official Warhammer website.

Compounding the issue further is the fact that third-party game retailers don’t have them available either. For example, several stores in the UK including Element Games are simply devoid of any listings. This suggests finding a cheaper army box in any of these will be highly unlikely. So the best bet might be to pop down your local Warhammer store to see if they might be getting some in.

There’s another reason Warhammer fans like independent stores – and it’s not just the cheaper prices. Even before the revamp, Games Workshop’s online store was considered abysmal. Head on over to Trustpilot to see the shocking service reviews. In this day and age of online shopping, you wouldn’t expect this from a company as big as GW.

It continued on the new website too. A prime example is Da Red Gobbo’s Surprise. Available to pre-order, you’ll see a note saying: “may take up to 180 days to dispatch.” That’s six months! In time for Christmas 2024, we guess.

All the items in Warhammer’s festive box sets can be bought separately, it’ll just cost more in total. Or get someone new into the hobby with a Warhammer 40,000: Ultimate Starter Set.