Since the launch of Maneater last month we’ve been flooded with requests for information on who provides the narration dialogue. Well, today we bring you the answer to exactly who is the Maneater voice actor: Chris Parnell.

Chris Parnell

While that name may not immediately ring any bells, once you read some of his filmography there’s definitely going to be some familiar characters popping out. Most likely his role as Jerry Smith in the hugely popular Rick and Morty.

Parnell has voiced many other animated characters, in both adult-orientated and family television programmes and movies. Family Guy‘s Doug, several characters in American Dad!, Cyril Figgis in Archer and Stan in Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation are arguably his most recognisable.

Parnell has also had several supporting acting roles in numerous Hollywood movies and TV shows. Battle of the Sexes, 30 Rock, The Five-Year Engagement, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Friends have all seen Parnell appear on-screen.

Maneater screenshot

Acting as the lead Maneater voice actor has drawn Parnell considerable attention since the game’s launch. Your own Chit Hot also praised the actor in our review:

The thematic of the game is simply wonderful. Aping the current trend for corny entertainment shows dressed up as documentaries, Maneater aims to make you believe that its cast of rednecks and undesirables could actually be based on real people, however cartoony some of them may be.

Chit Hot, Maneater Review

A surprisingly good addition to a somewhat dry (pun intended) summer line-up, Maneater is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. A Nintendo Switch version is coming later this year, thankfully.

For those of you finding the underwater collectathon a challenge, we have also prepared a Maneater Collectables Guide featuring all Landmark, License Plate and Chest Locations.

Have you played Maneater? Did you enjoy Parnell’s narration? Let us know in the comments below!