Gaijin Entertainment has today launched Age of Water. The game is now available for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. The PC edition, oddly, is being launched via Early Access and is also available from today.

What is Age of Water?

Developed by Three Whales Studio, Age of Water is an online adventure game. The game takes place on the post-apocalyptic Earth completely covered in water.

You assume the role of a ship captain. As you sail through storms and storms, you’ll engage in fights and trades. Capture other people’s boats and ships, or builds your own. All with the agenda of extracting resources from the bottom of the ocean. 

The game’s story is built for solo play, but a player can interact with other captains. You can call friends to join you in difficult battles, and participate in fully optional PvP events. If you’re feeling a little Sea of Thieves about the whole situation, that’s fine. But Age of Water is more about the ships than the shipmates.

Console Trailer

Gaijin Entertainment has released a new trailer to give you a taste of exactly what the game entails. The below teaser showcases the action both on land and at sea. It gives us a glimpse at some of the character’s you’ll meet during your adventures, and how the battles with many of them will play out!

Age of Water Launch Details

The game is available from today for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. The console editions of the game arrive simultaneously with the previously announced start of Early Access on Steam.

All versions of the game across the different platforms are identical, and the PC version fully supports console controllers. There’s no Early Access scheme on PlayStation, however it’s not clear why the Xbox Series X|S version hasn’t been launched in Game Preview – the Xbox equivalent.

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