Cat and Ghostly Road, a point-and-click adventure from indie developer BOV first graced PCs in 2020. In collaboration with publisher Sometimes You the studio is set to bring the mystical feline tale to consoles early next month.

A graphically stylized adventure where players assume the role of a cat, your journey takes you to the world of ghosts and demons. You’re there to rescue the soul of an old man, a painter who previously saved the cat years before.

Using a range of abilities like your cat’s vision to see the demons, you’ll venture into areas like the “Garden of Souls”, the “Spirit Cemetery”, and the “Ghostly Bazaar,” You’ll also encounter diverse characters en route, such as the cat-girl who’ll teach you new abilities.

Cat and Ghostly Road screenshot1

Cat and Ghostly Road

As it turns out, BOV’s Cat and Ghostly Road was inspired by real life. They found a white cat under a bridge fifteen years prior and took it in. “The inspiration for creating the game was our cat! Because the cat is white, he resembles a moon cat. We gradually became imbued with the idea of fantasy in an Asian style. Everything else fell into place naturally,” said BOV.

With a runtime of around three hours, Cat and Ghostly Road is filled with puzzles and little tasks to complete. Locate a skull for a ghost and drive away rats from an old ship. Retrieve a phoenix feather and play a clay flute to navigate this unusual, atmospheric game.

Cat and Ghostly Road launches for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch on 6th March 2024. It’ll retail for $9.99 USD.

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