Looking to free Beast Quest Arcta? You’re in the right place! This is the third instalment of ChitHot’s Beast Quest Walkthrough Guide. Please click the links here for the first part – Free Ferno – and the second – Free Nanook. If you’re already caught up, then read-on!

Beast Quest screenshot

Beast Quest Arcta

Now that Nanook is on your side, head to the Combat menu and select him as your ally. Continue forward in the direction you were facing after the battle and reach another campfire. Now load the map and note how there is a new direction that goes towards the Grassy Plains, that is where you are now. You need to go back to a campfire in the Icy Plains to get the drawing left behind by Nanook.

Go south until you see Vinci, then in the middle of a bunch of goblins is a really big rock that can be climbed. Grab the picture and bring it back to Vinci. Fast travel to the eastern most point of the Grassy Plains currently available, then head down the hill. Avoid the goblins and head west. Kill some skeletons and then a golem, and you’ll reach a stone bridge. Keep going forward, past a pole pointing the direction you are going. There will be a campfire and a gold chest to the left. Kill some wolves and birds, cross a bridge with a bandit, then kill some more birds. Grab the gold key and the gold chest that is to its right.

Walk over to the way point marked on Beast Quest minimap, then continue north. Climb some rocks and go flower picking. The bandits around here will drop rubies so pay attention to when that quest is ready to be turned in.

When the fork splits you can go either way, as they both lead to the same direction. Keep going west until you climb a wall and have to turn a corner to the right. This linear path will lead you to another campfire. Fast Travel to the northern most point in the Northern Mountains region.

Battling Arcta

Turn right, kill a golem and climb up some rocks before reaching a rocky surface to climb. Kill a lizard and then climb on the rocky surface, to your left, in order to cross the gap. Kill some skeletons and complete an easy puzzle involving pushing a stone. Use fire on the skeletons after and continue north to a campfire.

Continue forward and you will enter a boss fight against Arcta. Summon Nanook and it should one hit kill him, or close enough. Go down the linear path to a campfire and another quest from Vinci. Cut the nearby tree down, cross the river and fight the wolves. After the first group, look left and you should see another group of three wolves, a tree to be cut down and a picture on the ground. Kill them, chop down the tree, grab this picture and return it to Vinci to complete the quest. There will be a simple block puzzle that is pretty much impossible to fail, and then fight some spiders.

Go east after killing all the spiders. Continue going north and when you reach the second group of goblins, take the northwest path (up and left). Fight some more goblins, go left, grab the gold key and head north to another gold key and a campfire. Continue north. Kill the wolves, ignore the treasure and cross a bridge to the east to reach another campfire.

Easy on the Arcta

Continue north along the linear path until you hit the boss fight. Use your ally and, as usual, it will end with a randomised QTE.

On to the final chapter! Click the link below for the full guide:

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